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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: e part number from the list. c) In the Serial Number box, update the serial number by entering the applicable serial number. d) Click Apply if you have more inventory items to update, if not, click OK. 7 To update the usage data, scroll to the right until you find the following columns: Contract No., Manufacture Date, Date of Install, Expiration Date, RFI Date, RFI Shelf Life, Latest RFI Date, DODIC, Explos Lot No., Expiration Date, Explosive Indefinite Indicator, Open Date, Extension Ind, Extension Auth, and Revised Expiration Date. Enter the appropriate data in each column and click Apply or OK. The system validates the updated columns and returns you to the Inventory Explorer window. Note 1: Ensure that you are making your selections from the left side of the window with the WUC/UNS breakdown. Note 2: Periodically click Apply to avoid losing data during the update mode when errors are encountered. Note 3: For more information, see the inventory item's record (ASR, EHR, MSR, SRC, or ALSS). Note 4: Use the Sort and Filter utilities to facilitate the update process. 204 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA ALSS Configuration Update Worksheet The ALSS Configuration Update Worksheet window appears when the ALSS Configuration Update Worksheet is selected from the menu options. This window expedites the update of part numbers and serial numbers of the sub-items associated with the inventory item. This window is divided into two areas: the left side displays the WUC/UNS systems breakdown of the ALSS and the right side displays the ALSS Usage Worksheet tab that contains the Usage Indicator Filter (drop-down list) and actual worksheet which is broken into individual data columns used to update the inventory properties of sub-items. Relocate Aircraft or Component The Relocate To option in the Inventory Explorer and the Relocate to Another Group in the Group Explorer enables you to move aircraft or component between the PRIMARY and a selection group (OUTBOX, INBOX, Inventory folder, or Detachment) in the Group Explorer. Note 1: Although the OUTBOX selection group is the default, do not select it. OUTBOX is only used for transfers. For procedures, see Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Online (on page 184) in the Group Explorer. Note 2: Relocating an installed component from an aircraft to another is not enabled. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 Right-click the inventory item in the tree view and select Relocate To. 3 In the Select Group dialog box, choose the relocation group. 4 Click OK. For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Relocate Component to the OUTBOX The Relocate To option in the Inventory Explorer enables you to relocate uninstalled components in the PRIMARY group or installed components on an aircraft to the OUTBOX group. Although this option is used primarily to move inventory items between groups, moving it to the OUT...
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