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Work order update basic work order window appears

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Unformatted text preview: e Add In Process button. A blank Description block appears to enter the inspection narrative. 2 Enter the narrative and press Tab and enter the Grade/Tank, Name, and Date/Time of the entries. 3 Click the Save Inspection button to accept the entries. 4 Click Cancel to discontinue the process. Add/Update in Process Inspections This dialog box enables you to enter a short description of the inspection performed during the In Process Inspection. For procedures, see Work Order Update - CDI/QAR In Process Inspections (on page 433). Technical Directive Work Order This information box appears when you right-click anywhere on the gray area in the Basic Work Order Update window and select Technical Directive. The box enables you to compare the actual TD against the inventory item and view the discrepancy block for the work order. Click OK to return to the work order. Material Required The Material Required dialog box enables you to identify and order replacement parts (consumable and repairable) that failed due to damage or defect from normal tear/use, or when the items' operational limits have been reached. It displays the Failed Part and Requisition details on a work order. 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Double-click the specific Modex or Serno on the VED to open the Active Work Order Query list. 3 Right-click the work order on the Active Work Order Query list and select Material Required. 4 To perform tasks in the Material Required dialog box, right-click in the Failed Part or Required Part areas and select a process. 5 To print the work order, right-click the failed part entry and select Print; see Print (on page 141). 436 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 6 To make changes to other sections of the selected work order, rightclick in the Failed Part and Requisition areas of the Material Required dialog box. 7 Select Update and the section of the work order from the shortcut menu. 8 For procedures, see Basic Work Order Update (on page 421). 9 Click Close to return to the Active Work Order Query window. Order Repairable Part The Order Repairable Part dialog box enables you to order repairable components. For task overview, see Material Required (on page 435). Note 1: Only one repairable component can be ordered on a work order. Note 2: The CAGE and Part Number must be verified based on its WUC/UNS. Note 3: If the activity is capable of performing I level maintenance, ordering repairable components can be accomplished by ensuring that the work order has 2 as its maintenance level. When a dialog box appears, type the JCN suffix, work center, and subcomponent serial number on the suffix work order. The suffix work order is generated and facsimiles can be printed. Note 4: During the cannibalization process using the Cannibalization Wizard – Urgent with Requisition Being Ordered, ignore the requirement stated in step 3 relative to the assignment of Project/Priority codes by maintenance control. The wizard automatically assign...
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