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Unformatted text preview: n XRAY Report (on page 308) ! Update an XRAY Report (on page 310) ! Delete an XRAY Report (on page 311) ! Create a Change of Location XRAY Report (on page 311) ! Update Change of Location XRAY Report (on page 313) ! Delete a Change of Location XRAY Report (on page 314) Create an XRAY Report The Create XRAY option on the XRAY Explorer enables you to create an XRAY report. # To create an XRAY report: 1 Open the XRAY Explorer (see "How to Access the XRAY Explorer" on page 306). 2 On the XRAY Explorer window, click the Create XRAY button . -orRight-click the aircraft and select Create XRAY. 3 In the Create XRAY dialog box, enter the Action and Status codes. The Action Code determines which data elements are required for entry. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 309 Note 1: Status Codes A_2, A_4, and A_5 require an entry in item J. Strike/Damage Code and item N. Est Rwk Comp Date. For procedures, see XRAY Strike Damage Code (see "XRAY Strike/Damage Code" on page 309). Note 2: For IMC aircraft, action code of G or H requires that item N. Est Rwk Comp Date field be filled in. 4 Click Next to redisplay the Create XRAY dialog box with some fields prefilled. Data is derived from various database tables and the last XRAY transaction. 5 Fill the required fields or update the previous entry in the data field(s) to complete the report and click OK. The report is completed and replicated. Additionally, this process adds the XRAY report to the Flight Summary tab of the Logset Explorer XRAY Status sub tab. The signature of the person who is creating the report also appears on the report. Create XRAY This dialog box enables you to create an XRAY report for a selected aircraft serial number. It displays the XRAY and transaction number. For procedures, see Create an XRAY Report (on page 308). XRAY Strike/Damage Code This dialog box enables you to select four one-character codes representing the reason for an aircraft to be stricken out of the Navy inventory or to be repaired by an activity due to damage sustained during its employment. 1 Click the arrow on each field and select the appropriate code from the lists. 2 Click OK to add the codes to the Strike/Damage field on the Create XRAY dialog box. The selected four codes appear on the Strike/Damage field as a fourcharacter code. 310 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Update an XRAY Report The Update XRAY option on the XRAY Explorer enables you to correct incorrect data from a previously submitted report. This process updates the Del/Corr Ind box from New to Corrected and indicates that modifications were performed. Note: You can modify XRAY reports within a period of 45 days from the date/time of creation. If no corrections are done, each XRAY report is locked after 45 days and an entry of LOCKED appears in the Update Indicator box located at the bottom of the report to prevent users from making additional changes to the respective XRAY Report. # To update an XRAY repor...
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