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Unformatted text preview: tes, initiates, or adds work order and ASheet. Begins a new process or clears the previous entries. Reject WO Rejects a selected work order. Delete Required Record Deletes a selected work order. Reinduction Reinducts a selected work order. Create Recurring WO from Existing WO toolbar Find for Recurring WO Displays the list of work orders. Searches for a specific work order. Edit Existing Recurring WO Edits an existing recurring work order. Approval WO Approves a selected work order. Insert New Row Inserts a row of blank fields. Save As Saves the current page to a file. Check Validation Checks validation on a selected work order. Report Selection Generates a report with different selection criteria. E-mail Search Close Uses the e-mail utility. Finds an inventory item. Returns to the previous window. 344 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Toolbar Button/Menu Option Enables you to Page Scrolls Moves from page to page. Adds previously completed ADB. Contingency Deletes existing ADB. Delete Delete Recurring WO Deletes recurring work order from the table. WO Delete Deletes existing work order. Accepts data entered. Save Selects a work order. Select View Remarks Displays the disapproval remarks on a work order. Delete Required Record Deletes the required parts. Create Remove Record Removes an item for a work request work order. Command Buttons - Maintenance Subsystem The following command buttons are available in the Maintenance Subsystem: Command Button Action Add Inspection Allows CDI to document the inspection performed during the in-process inspection. Add Job Status Begins processing of a work order. Add/Edit Worker/InWork Time Begins the assignment of a worker to a task. Add Inspection Enters brief narrative of in process inspection. Apply Validates and adds the entries as the process continues. Approve Approves completed work order. Back Returns to the previous window or dialog box during a process. Cancel Discontinues the action. Clear Clears the fields for new entries. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 345 Command Button Action Clear Authorization Removes the cannibalization authorization from a specific MCN. Clear Sigs Removes the CDI signatures during a cannibalization process. Close Returns to the previous window. Delete Job Status Removes the current job status. Detail Displays the complete work order with all fields filled in. Disapprove Returns the work order to the CDI/QAR Queue. Initial Remove Deletes the CDI signatures during cannibalization process. Initiate Starts the initiation process of work orders. Job Status Displays the status of a work order. Next Moves to the following window or dialog box. OK Accepts the entries. Order Consumable Opens the ordering procedures for consumable item. Refresh Accepts the changes made on a specific action. Reject Returns work order to the Active Work Order Query window. Retrieve Displays the data requested. Save Inspection Accepts brief narrative of in process inspection during contingency. Sort By O...
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