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Accordingly the flight document now appears under the

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Unformatted text preview: m 89 Other Activity Select this option for flights flown where the aircrew and aircraft are assigned to different activities. This option enables you to document a flight performed by an aircrew belonging to your unit. A copy of a completed flight document will be entered through this option to account for the aircrew's flight data or through the SSN History process. For procedures, see Import SSN History (on page 99). The Modex and Away fields are prefilled with "AAA" and "4", respectively, which denote that the aircraft belongs to another activity and flown in an away-from-home situation. Note: For multiple aircrew including enlisted crewmembers, the individual signing the completed flight document must have the proper SMQ and must be on the flight document. Simulator Select this option for flights flown in a simulator-training environment. Note: Enlisted crewmembers must have the proper SMQ to enable them to sign their respective flight documents after simulator training that is performed in an away-from-home situation. For procedures, see Initiate an Unscheduled Flight Document (on page 85). Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight The Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight dialog box appears when you select Y or N on the A/C (aircraft) MSN CMDR (mission commander) Signatures response box and select Yes on the Discrepancy Query prompt box. It enables you to directly initiate work orders against the aircraft when discrepancies are discovered before, during, or after flight without exiting the Flight Subsystem. 1 Enter the When Discovered code. 2 Type the discrepancy in the Discrepancy block. 3 Enter the aircraft status D or P, if other than the default U. 4 Enter the System Reason. 5 Respond to the prompt shown at the bottom of the box to whether you want to add another discrepancy. No saves the work order, displays the MCN and JCN Assignment response box with the MCN assigned and a blank JCN, and begins updating the aircraft usage parameters after clicking OK. Yes saves the work order and displays the MCN and JCN Assignment response box to open a new Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight dialog box to initiate another work order. Cancel discontinues the process and returns to the Flight Document Aircraft tab. This initiation adds the work order to the specified aircraft on the Aircraft VED under the column AWA. For more information, see Unscheduled Maintenance (on page 447) or Aircraft VED (on page 347). 90 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Initiate a Scheduled Flight Document For an overview of this task, see Initiate a Flight Document (on page 85). 1 On the Flight Document window, click the Scheduled Flight Selection button . The Scheduled Flight Selection dialog box appears listing all flight events that are on the Scheduler. For more information, see Scheduled Flight Selection (on page 85). 2 Select the flight event number you are assigned to fly and click OK. The Flight Document - Aircraft tab becomes available. The tab displays pertinent...
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