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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: Utilization Summary Report) (on page 400) for information on how this impacts the report. 5 To select all Serno or Modex, click the first entry, scroll down to the last entry, press the Shift key and click the last entry. 6 Enter or modify the Start and End Dates (on page 23). Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 399 7 Select Screen or Printer, or select both in the Report To box. 8 Click OK. 9 Click Cancel to discontinue and return to the VED. MAINT-1 Report (Consolidated Performance Metrics Report) This report provides aviation supervisory personnel with a single source of information to measure the organization's monthly equipment and resource expenditures derived from the work orders and flight documents. All transaction codes are used to collect the data except 30, 31, 32, and 39. All type maintenance codes are included except F. This report is produced for each Assy Code, in case of multiple Assy Codes assigned to the organization. When the MAINT-2 report includes data for transferred aircraft, the MAINT- 1 report EIS hours may be different from the total EIS hours displayed on the MAINT- 2 report. The MAINT1 report only processes data for currently owned aircraft that are in the system. The report determines the following: ! Available aircraft assigned to the organization and its mission. ! Readiness for each Assy Code, as well as the overall unit assessment. ! Impact of maintenance/supply on equipment mission capability. ! Comparison between assigned versus available aircraft to determine impact of SDLM/IMC/MOD on aircraft readiness and availability. ! Monitor resources expended in maintaining a particular level of readiness or utilization of assets. ! Extent of manpower expenditure beyond direct support of aircraft. ! General indication of where mission aborts occur. ! Measure the efforts to prevent and treat corrosion. ! Evaluate the responsiveness of the aviation supply system ! Distinguish between shipboard and shore-based flight operations. Procedures 1 To view pages of the report, click the arrow buttons on top of the display. 2 To save the displayed report to a file, click the Save As button 3 For e-mail procedures, click the E-mail button Help to display Windows Help. . , and then click 4 To generate another MAINT-1 Report, click the Report Selection button 398). and follow the procedures described for MAINT (on page 400 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 The following terms are provided for clarification. MC – reflects the percentage of all aircraft that perform at least one, but not all assigned missions during the selected reporting period. FMC – reflects the percentage of all EIS aircraft that are capable of performing all missions during the selected reporting period. Reporting Period - reflects the inclusive dates from the Start and End dates entered in the MAINT prompt box. AVG ACFT - depicts the average number of aircraft based on the total accumulated EIS hours during the selected reporting period. For a detailed explanation of...
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