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And changes made in the remarks field then appear in

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Unformatted text preview: the Remarks field then appear in the Remarks column for the aircraft on the Aircraft VED. In the Configuration Management Subsystem, these remarks also appear on the right side of the Inventory Explorer for the selected aircraft. Aircraft Remarks This dialog box enables you to add or update the remarks for specific aircraft. The brief remarks pertain to the condition of the aircraft that maintenance personnel need to know concerning the maintenance action requirements of the aircraft. These remarks appear in the Remarks column on the Aircraft VED. These remarks also appear for the selected aircraft in the right side of the Inventory Explorer in the Configuration Management Subsystem. 1 Add the new narrative in the Remarks field and click OK. 2 Update the previous narrative and click OK. You can highlight the entire entry and right-click to select an option: Undo, Cut, Copy, Delete, or Select All. Cannibalization Authorization The Cannibalize Auth option enables you to set up the cannibalization process to use on a selected work order. This option is available when you right-click the specific work orders from the Active Work Order Query window. 1 Open the Active Work Order Query. 2 Right-click the work order to be processed for cannibalization and select Cannibalize Auth. 3 On the Cannibalization Modex Selection dialog box, enter the Modex. 4 Click Finish. 5 Click Yes on the Authorizing Cannibalization response box prompting you that cannibalization is authorized for the selected aircraft for the selected work order. 376 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA The Cannibalization Wizard response box appears and prompts you to either proceed or not. 6 Click Yes to continue. Note: If you responded No to the Cannibalization Wizard response box, the authorization is completed. However, the cannibalization action stops and places the work order in the Aircraft VED marked with the Cannibalization Authorized icon . The Cannibalization MCN Selection dialog box appears with a list of all cannibalization actions approved by Maintenance Control. For more information, see Cannibalization MCN Selection (on page 377). 7 Select the appropriate MCN and click OK. This process marks the work order with the Cannibalization Authorized icon. The Cannibalization Wizard Selection dialog box appears with five types of cannibalization wizard for selection. 8 Select the appropriate Cannibalization Wizard. For more information, see Cannibalization Wizard Selection (on page 379). Depending upon the type cannibalization you select, specific windows appear that takes you through the cannibalization process. Note: If the cannibalization act must be done expeditiously without ordering the replacement part, the Cannibalization Setup response box will appear prompting you to proceed with the cannibalization by either ordering the replacement part or without ordering the replacement part. For procedures, see Cannibalization Wizard Urgent without Requisition (on page 391). Cannibalization...
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