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And initiate wos interfac interface platform access to

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Unformatted text preview: ge records. INVEXP5 Task/Task Plan TDs Create/update TD Tasks and Inspection Task Plans. INVEXP6 Relocate To Reassign components to a detachment or transfer through the Outbox. INVEXP7 Delete Inventory Item Delete inventory item. INVEXPL Update Explosive Properties Update explosive device information. JOBSTAT Job Status/Worker Hours View and update the Job Status tab in WO Update. LCARDREF Update Local Card References Update local card references LOGS Create an Auto Logset Create/update auto logset miscellaneous history/repair entries. LOGSAUTH Auto Logset Authorization Authorize auto logset and XRAY entries. LOGSDEL Auto Logset Deletion Perform IMA purge of auto logset. MAINTP Print WO Print Wos from the menu selection. MASSJS Mass Job Status Update Display the Mass Job Status Update window and change the job status on WOs. MCWOAPP Maintenance Control WO Apprvl Edit various parts of WO in WO Update. MISHAP Aircraft Mishap Not functional at this time. MNTCDISO Collateral Duty Inspector Signoff Sign off as CDI in WO Update. MNTCNTSO Maintenance Control Signoff Sign-off as Maintenance Control in WO Update. MNTOFFSO Maintenance Officer Signoff Add signature of Maintenance Officer to Flight Scheduler. MNTQARSO Maintenance QAR Signoff Sign off as QAR in WO Update. MNTRPT Maintenance Reports Run Maintenance Reports. Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 51 Task Code Task Description Enables User to MNTWKRSO Maintenance Worker Signoff Sign off as Corrected By worker in WO Update. NMDRPMGR Manage NAMDRP Reporting Program Access the NAMDRP Reporting windows. PCSIG Plane Captain Signature Add plane captain's signature. PHSTAPP Pre-History Approve Approve WOs prior to auto approve 5 day process. PREHIST Pre-History Queue View WOs prior to going to a History status within 5 days of completion. PROJPRI Project/Priority Assign Update project/priority on requisitions. QARINPRO QAR In Process Inspection Access the QAR/CDI In Process Inspection. RECURR Originate Recurring Work Orders Add, modify, or delete recurring work orders and their descriptions. REFTERM Configuration Manager BLM access only. REQMAT Required Material Add, update, or delete failed and required material. User must also have FIMAT. REWO Reinduct WO Reinduct a WO. RPTMGR Reports Manager Access reports. SCHEDAPP Approve Flight Schedule Add signature of Operations Officer. SCHEDSUB Submit Flight Schedule Add signature of Submitting Officer. SCHMAINT Inspection Initiation Display the Unscheduled Inspection windows and initiate WOs. SCIRCHG SCIR WO Initiate SCIR change. SECURE Task User Security - ADD SMQs Add, update, and remove SMQs. SFFLT Sign Aircraft Safe for Flight Sign off aircraft as safe for flight. SFTOFFSO Safety Officer Sign Off Add signature of Safety Officer to Flight Scheduler. SHRPFST SHARP/FIST interface Interface SHARP/FIST flight documents with NALCOMIS OMA. SSNHSTEX Export/Import SSN History Data Export or import aircreew SSN history data. 52 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OM...
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