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And perform the appropriate cannibalization this

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Unformatted text preview: only available if you have the proper SMQ when selecting an aircraft with either a Cannibalization Authorized icon Cannibalization icon . or an Incomplete The Wizard process automatically identifies the CAGE/Part Number and Serial number of the removed item based on its WUC/UNS from the source aircraft and installs it to the target aircraft to restore the target aircraft to an UP status. Depending on the type wizard used, the system will automatically create both the work order for the source aircraft and the material replacement requisition to replace the cannibalized item. In some instances, the system will move the removed item to the OUTBOX or PRIMARY selection group in the Group Explorer tree view. 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the aircraft identified with either the Cannibalization Authorized icon or Incomplete Cannibalization icon and select Cannibalization Wiz. 3 The Cannibalization MCN Selection dialog box appears to select the MCN to work with in case there are multiple MCNs involved. For more information, see Cannibalization MCN Selection (on page 377). 4 Select the appropriate Cannibalization Wizard from the Cannibalization Wizard Selection dialog box. For more information, see Cannibalization Wizard Selection (on page 379). For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Cannibalization Wizard Selection The Cannibalization Wizard Selection dialog box appears with several cannibalization options. It enables you to choose the wizard to use for the cannibalization process. In some cases, only the appropriate options become available depending upon the discrepancy situations. For instance, if the Urgent without Requisition wizard is used, the Incomplete Cannibalization icon appears next to it on the aircraft VED. The Cannibalization Wizard Selection box appears with only the Finish Incomplete Cannibalization. Options Functions Consumable Only Cannibalization act involves consumable part only. Classic/Urgent/Troubleshooting Classic means that replacement part has been removed and replacement part is not available. 380 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Options Functions Urgent without Requisition Cannibalization act is performed first without ordering the replacement part. Urgent with Requisition Ordered Cannibalization act includes the ordering of the replacement part from Material Control. being Troubleshooting This option is under development. Uninstalled This option is under development. Directed by Higher Authority Higher authority dictates the cannibalization. Finish Incomplete Cannibalization Completion of a cannibalization work order, where some procedures are not performed during the cannibalization act (examples: ordering replacement part, missing CDI signatures) For procedures, see Cannibalization Processing (on page 378). Cannibalization Wizard - Consumables Only This cannibalization wizard enables you to cannibalize consumable part(s) from another air...
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