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Unformatted text preview: e 151). 2 Right-click the inventory folder that you want to delete and select Delete Group or click the Delete Group button Edit menu and select Delete Group. , or go to the 3 On the Delete Record prompt, click Yes to delete the location record. 4 Click OK on the Delete Group response box. For more information, see Inventory Folder Processing (on page 150). How to Access the Group Explorer On the NALCOMIS OMA window: 1 Click Configuration Management and Logs & Records . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Configuration Management. 2 Click Group Explorer . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Group Explorer. 152 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Group Explorer - Window Description The Group Explorer window appears with the INBOX selection group as the default. The window is divided into two areas: the left side displays the selection groups (INBOX, OUTBOX, SENT, and PRIMARY and its detachments or inventory folders); the right side displays the following tabs: Inventory, Personnel, Deployment Availability, Incoming Inventory, Incoming Personnel, and Offloaded Items. The tabs display information on the selected organization or detachment in the tree view. For instance, if you are in the INBOX group, the following tabs appear: Inventory, Personnel, Incoming Inventory, and Incoming Personnel. If you are in the OUTBOX group, the following tabs appear: Inventory, Personnel, and Offloaded Items. Note: The Incoming Inventory and Incoming Personnel tabs appear in the INBOX group to accommodate Disconnected Detachment (on page 160) or Item Transfer processing. The following groups are listed in the tree view: INBOX Lists inventory items coming to your activity as requisitioned material or transfer items received from another server. It contains incoming personnel and inventory for detachment processing. OUTBOX Lists items awaiting transfer (relocation) out of your activity. SENT Lists inventory items (aircraft, personnel, and equipment) that were sent from your server. PRIMARY (your organization) Lists your organization's entire inventory, including the inventory sub folders for ALSS, SE, MME, other subfolders, and components that were removed from your aircraft and awaiting relocation to the OUTBOX. Tasks are available from the Edit menu or from a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click an item in the tree view or in the tab. You can also click the appropriate task button on the toolbar. For more information, see Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - Group Explorer (on page 153) and Group Explorer - Tabs (on page 153). Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 153 Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - Group Explorer The Group Explorer displays the following toolbar buttons: Toolbar Button/Menu Option Action Create Group at the Current Level Creates a new group at the current level. Create Group at the Next Level Creates a new group at the next level. Group Properties Displays the attributes of a selecte...
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