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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: our Task Plan and select which step (Phase A, B, etc.) you will be starting with, then using Task Plan Properties (on page 225), set the Deadline Date or Scheduled Expenditure. # To add logset build requirements: Additional Logset build requirements include verification and completion of aircraft and component level Technical Directives, and entering required Misc History (on page 242) and Repair/Rewor (see "Repair/Rework" on page 244)k entries. For additional information, see the OPNAV Note 4790 dtd 01 Aug 2001 Ser N781/1u655569 which outlines minimum data build requirements for OOMA Implementation Teams. 59 CHAPTER 3 Flight Subsystem In This Chapter Flight Subsystem Description ............................................59 Flight Subsystem Description This subsystem enables authorized users to collect and process flightrelated data. This includes the export and import of aircrew personnel flight data and interface with SHARP/FIST-capable activities. The flight hours annotated on a flight document directly affect the Maintenance Subsystem and the Configuration Management Subsystem. It is important that authorized users enter correct Flight data in a timely manner. There are three types of personnel. Depending upon a user's personnel type and SMQ assignments, the user will be able to perform specific tasks in Flight. ! A - Aircrew personnel ! B - Aircrew and Maintenance personnel ! M - Maintenance personnel When users with type personnel B or M log in, the Scheduler window appears. When users with type personnel A log in, the Flight Document window appears. Note 1: In a multi-organizational environment, you can select and perform tasks for any ORG from the ORG list provided that you have been added to that ORG and have the specific SMQs to perform those tasks. Otherwise, the ORG field will display only your organization code and you will be able to perform tasks for only your ORG. Note 2: For any questions regarding the contents of the Flight Subsystem, see the OPNAVINST 3710.7 (series). 60 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA How to Access the Flight Subsystem On the NALCOMIS OMA window: Click Flight . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Flight. The Flight Subsystem default window appears depending upon your type personnel assignment: ! Scheduler - when you log in as type B or M personnel. ! Flight Document - when you log in as type A personnel. Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - Flight Subsystem The toolbar buttons and menu options in the Flight Subsystem are specific for the Flight Document window and Flight Scheduler window. To view the descriptions, see Toolbar Buttons - Flight Document (on page 80), or Toolbar Buttons - Scheduler (on page 62). The main Flight Subsystem window displays the following menu options: This option Displays Actions Options related to the open window. Flight Document Flight Document window to initiate, update, or query flight document records. Scheduler Scheduler window to add, modify, or add processes...
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