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Box 2 click apply and ok for more information see

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Unformatted text preview: brief narrative in the dialog box. 2 Click Apply and OK. For more information, see Acceptance for Flight Tab (on page 363). Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 357 Oil Consumption The Oil Consumption window appears when you select the Oil Consumption option from the specified VED (Aircraft, Support Equipment, and Uninstalled Equipment) or when you select the Aircraft Discrepancy Book, Acceptance for Flight tab, A-Sheet sub tab showing the Cancel command button. This window contains the oil consumption data for the selected inventory item (aircraft/assembly/components), where the upper portion identifies the items by their serial numbers, Assy Codes, and operational times (TSN/TSO), while the lower portion displays when and how much oil was consumed in a specified event, including the oil consumption rate. Additionally, the window enables you to create, view, or delete oil consumption data. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Create Oil Consumption Record (on page 357) ! Delete Oil Consumption Record (on page 358) ! Oil Consumption Properties (on page 359) Oil Consumption Event The Oil Consumption Event box identifies all events related to the selected inventory item with its latest event selected. It enables you to select the event and click OK to continue to add oil consumption data against the oil consumption record. Create Oil Consumption Record The Create Oil Consumption Record option enables you to create a record of the oil consumption data for the selected inventory item. The dialog box contains the Date Oil Added, Oil Grade, Amount of Oil Added, and the Servicing and Maintenance Control signatures. # To create a record of the oil consumption data: 1 Open the specified VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 From the aircraft VED, right-click the applicable inventory item and select ADB for installed aircraft. -orClick Oil Consumption for uninstalled inventory item. 3 From SE/Uninstalled Equipment VED, right-click the applicable inventory item and select Oil Consumption. The Oil Consumption window appears and displays the associated inventory item properties and three command buttons: Oil Consumption Properties, Create Oil Consumption Record, and Delete Oil Consumption. 358 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Note 1: If a prompt appears indicating that the inventory item does not have the Oil Consumption Indicator set, click OK. For procedures, see Modify Inventory Properties (on page 213). Note 2: If a prompt appears indicating that the inventory item needs initial usage values assigned before oil consumption can be assigned, open Configuration Management (see "How to Access the Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem" on page 128), click the Inventory Properties button the Usage tab. , and then click on -orComplete a Flight Document or MFLT document for inventory. 4 Click the Create Oil Consumption Record button . -orRight-click anywhere on the lower portion of the window and select Create Oil Consumptio...
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