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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: reappears. 13 Click OK on the Work Order Update - Remove window. 394 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA The dialog box, Step 1 - Enter Removal/Install Signatures, Job Status Update and WO that Parts will be Ordered, reappears with the MCN DM removed and installed data completed. 14 Select MCN CM work order and click the Rmvl row to enable the CDI signature field. 15 Enter the CDI login ID, complete the Privilege Login box, and click OK. 16 Click Next to go Step 2 - Order Part (on page 394). Note: Use Clear Sigs to remove CDI signatures attached to either MCNs. Step 2 - Order Part This dialog box displays the source aircraft MCN CM with information on the removed component. The box contains various notes to inform you of the ongoing process. It displays one button: Order Part. This button will be used to order the replacement part for the cannibalized component (repairable or consumable). 1 Click Order Part. The Material Required window appears with blank fields. 2 Right-click anywhere on the white space, choose Failed/Required, and select Order Repairable or Consumable. 3 Enter the CAGE, Part Number, and Quantity on the Order Repairable Part or Order Consumable Part dialog box. Note: For repairable part, use the drop-down list to select the appropriate CAGE and Part Number when multiple CAGEs and Part Numbers are available for the WUC/UNS used. 4 Enter the Reference/Nomenclature, if applicable. 5 Click Apply and then OK. 6 Click Next. The Order Part dialog box reappears and prompts you to click Next, if done ordering the part. 7 Click Next to go to step 3 (see "Step 3 - Repairable and Consumables Ordered" on page 394). Step 3 - Repairable and Consumables Ordered This dialog box appears as the last step of the Cannibalization Wizard Finish Incomplete Cannibalizations. It displays the information on the part that is being ordered to replace the cannibalized part, the Project Code/Priority, DDSN, Turn-In document, and the command button (Update WO) is enabled. 1 Click the Update WO button if you have to modify the previously entered CAGE, Part Number, and/or References. The Material Required dialog box reappears showing data to be modified. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 395 2 Modify any selected data and click OK. The Repairable and Consumable dialog box appears. The Step 3 – Repairable and Consumables Ordered dialog box reappears. 3 Click Finish. The Updating Cannibalization Work Order dialog box appears showing the progress of the update process. 4 Click Yes on the OMA/IOU Turn-In Notice response box. 5 Respond to the print prompt accordingly. The Aircraft VED reappears with the Cannibalization Auth and Incomplete Cannibalization icons still attached to the aircraft. 6 To update the display, click Refresh. The Aircraft VED reappears with no icons. For a complete overview of the cannibalization process, see Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375). Generate Maintenance Reports The Maintenance Subsystem enables you to generate repor...
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