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Called 6 remove the tape when the following message

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Unformatted text preview: for e-mail, click OK. 3 Click Address and select the addresses from the list and it appears in the To box. 4 In the Subject box, add the required subject line. 5 Click OK. A message appears and indicates that XX files have been mailed. 6 At this point, the files have been mailed to the applicable addresses. Once the e-mails have been received, follow the directions listed in the last e-mail message. 7 Please find the following XXX files in the attachment: xfr10709061740.zip2_2 Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 173 xfr10709061740.bzt This is the last of XX e-mails with data transferred to your server. All e-mail for this transfer have the same reference # in the Subject. 8 Please ensure that the tapebackup directory on the server is empty. 9 Save all files from e-mails to the tapebackup directory and run the 'det_tape_restore e-mail' to load the data. 10 For procedures, see Loading Initial Detachment on the Detachment DMS (on page 162) or Loading Initial Detachment on the Detachment Workstation (on page 162). # To process e-mail when received at the new site (server): 1 Log on to the server. 2 Open your e-mail system and select the specific mail. 3 Click AME>Omasrv>Data>Transfer>Tapebackup and post the attached files. 4 Right-click on the contents of the Tapebackup folder and select Paste. 5 Load e-mail to the designated server. For procedures, see Load Procedures to DMS (on page 168). 6 Access the designated workstation. For procedures, see Onload Procedures to a Detachment or Squadron (Home Guard) Workstation (see "Load Procedures - Detachment or Squadron (Home guard) Workstation" on page 173). For more information, see Deploy a Disconnected Detachment (on page 165). Load Procedures - Detachment or Squadron (Home guard) Workstation The load procedures enable you, as the SA, or any other authorized personnel to log on to the detachment or squadron workstation to move inventory items and/or personnel from the INBOX to the PRIMARY selection group in the Group Explorer after you load the Initial, Augment, or Return tape to the appropriate server. In case of a baseline sweep, see the note for each workstation's procedures. # On the Detachment Workstation: 1 Type dbadmin as the login ID. 2 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). The Group Explorer window appears with the INBOX selection group as the default. 174 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 3 Click the Incoming Inventory or Incoming Personnel tab. A list of inventory items and/or personnel appears that is part of the disconnected detachment. 4 Move inventory items and/or personnel from the Incoming Inventory or Incoming Personnel tabs to the PRIMARY selection group using the drag and drop (on page 21) method. -orClick the Load Items button . For detailed information, see Load Items Received from Other Site (on page 179). 5 Respond to the Messenger Service prompts indicating that the reindexing process...
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