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Contains the established tasks that can be performed

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Unformatted text preview: It lists the Task Code, Description, and SMQs assigned to perform the task. For procedures, see Maintain Task - SMQ Assignment Table (on page 527). 531 CHAPTER 8 Technical Publication Subsystem This subsystem is for future development. In This Chapter How To Access Technical Publication Subsystem ............531 How To Access Technical Publication Subsystem On the NALCOMIS OMA window: Click Technical Publications . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Technical Publications. 533 OMA Glossary A AIA ACC Aircraft Inspection and Acceptance Record A form used by a pilot-in-command to sign his/her signature accepting the responsibility for the aircraft and safety of the passengers and equipment. Aircraft Controlling Custodian An aircraft inventory reporting term applied to LANT, PAC, CNARF, CNATRA, NASC T & E, and NASC FS that exercises administrative control over assignment, employment, and logistic support of aircraft specified by CNO. ACSB Aircrew Systems Bulletin A technical directive, applicable to an explosive device installed on an aircrew system, affects the explosive device's life limitation. ActualsIn A portion of the term called Sweep that describes the loading process of all changes that occur at the detachment's database to the parent's (home guard) database. ActualsOut A portion of the term called Sweep that describes the loading process of all changes that occur at the detachment's database to a medium preparing it for loading to the parent's database. ADB Aircraft Discrepancy Book A management tool used by a pilot-incommand to review the comprehensive maintenance requirements performed on an aircraft for 10 subsequent flights prior to accepting it safe for flight. AEPS Aircrew Escape Propulsion System Specified explosive devices that derive their expiration dates from their dates of manufactured. AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department A portion of the foundation tier (IMA) that is responsible for supporting an operational Organization Maintenance Activity (OMA) by repairing components and making them available for reuse. AIRC Aircrew Used in the Configuration Management as an inventory subclass that refers to the personal aviator equipment. AIRRS Aircraft Inventory Readiness Reporting System A reporting system managed by CNO that provides the Secretary of Defense, Department of the Navy, and subordinate commands with a comprehensive information on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. AIRS Aircraft Inventory Reporting System ALS ALS - Automated Logset Contains information including the record of rework, major repairs, flight/operational data, usage, and maintenance directives pertaining to an inventory item (aircraft, assembly, and component) used primarily in Maintenance and Configuration Management Subsystems. For more information, see Logset Explorer (on page 231). 534 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA ALSS ASPA Aviation Life Support System Item of equipment and clothing needed to allow aircrew members and aircraft passengers to fu...
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