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Date 13 months of data must be maintained in order

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Unformatted text preview: in order for the user to access the full 12 months of data. 20 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Note 1: The automatic purge process does not apply to a detachment. Note 2: The top tier is not affected and must be coded by NAVAIR to ignore those purged or deleted records that must be retained. Note 3: It is recommended that a work order with MAF status indicator of "7" and completion date equal to or greater than 13 months be auto-purged using the CRON process from the MAF history table. This will allow the squadron's access to historical work order queries for up to and including 13 months. Note 4: Work Orders in support of phase, to include IMC or special inspections are retained for one complete inspection cycle, or 13 months, whichever is greater. Note 5: Special inspections with cycles greater than 13 months retain only those additional inspection documents for which a like inspection has not been performed during the last 13 months. Note 6: SX Type W/O has special circumstances, which depends on what the work order was written against. If the SX W/O is written against an engine, the work order will stay on the database until a like inspection is written again for that engine. SX Type work orders will purge if another like inspection has been completed against the aircraft that does not involve an engine. 2 Deleted work orders that have a MAF status indicator of "A" are purged when they are in MAF_hist table and have a Rev_Dt equal to or greater than 13 months, which in turn provides a 12 month history for the WO Audit Trail Report. 3 Work Request (WR) work orders with MAF status indicator of "T" are purged from the active MAF_Table that have a create_dt equal to or greater than 13 months. Note: While the user has the capability to delete WRs off the local database, this purge process ensures the WRs are purged using the CRON process after a 13 month period. 4 Turn-in (TI) work orders that have Type MAF Code of DM and MAF status indicator of "T" are deleted from the local database immediately upon successful transmission to the IMA. Historical TI work orders are purged after 12 months. 5 Flight Documents are purged using the CRON process after 13 months based on the departure dates. Note 1: Pre-flight documents with status code of '0' are purged the same way as flight documents. Note 2: Flight documents with an associated work order will not purge until the work order has met its 13 month purge requirement. 6 It is recommended that oil consumption records be deleted every three months. Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 21 Tips and Shortcuts Calendar (on page 21) Drag and Drop (on page 21) Keyboard Shortcuts (on page 22) Printing Tips (on page 22) Quick Select Tips (on page 22) Scroll Page Tips (on page 23) Start and End Dates (on page 23) Calendar The calendar appears when you double-click date fields when assigning dates for a schedule. The current date is the default. Click the double...
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