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Engine and support equipment repair material

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Unformatted text preview: ions; direct and indirect support material control; personnel, aircraft and equipment assignment and development; subcustody of equipment; utilization of resources; and additional activities at the OMA level. The system is networked to Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMAs) and Aviation Support Divisions (ASDs) databases for certain functions, such as update of material requisition information. The use of networking across databases improves the overall communication and response time associated with material readiness in support of aircraft maintenance activities. 4 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Primary Objectives The system was designed for OMAs with four primary objectives to satisfy various functional requirements of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP). These objectives have a major impact on the mission capability and overall effectiveness of the OMAs, IMAs (Intermediate Maintenance Activities), and ASDs (Aviation Support Divisions): ! Improved mission capability ! Improved aircraft maintenance and support ! Improved upline reporting to satisfy the Department of Defense program requirements ! Modernized management support Key Features Optimized NALCOMIS OMA provides the Navy and Marine Corps with real time functionality, flight time documentation, and configuration management. Some key features are: ! Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance management of aircraft, engine, and assets. ! Data integration or interface with other ILS systems. ! Pilot and aircrew flight tracking. ! Squadron detachment processing capability. ! Multiple organization code capability. ! Total asset visibility. ! Aircraft and engine configuration management. ! Aircraft and engine accounting management. ! Database ad hoc query. Chapter 1 Overview of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 Optimized NALCOMIS OMA System Database The NALCOMIS OMA Database Specification contains the data structure for the system database and all data elements. The Database Specification includes information such as database name, number of tables, storage media, size, security, retention schedule, and provisions for backups. The NALCOMIS OMA Database Specification document contains the DED that provides information such as data element name, full or long name, definition, formats, and which tables each data element is located. # To view the Database Specification document or the DED on the NALCOMIS OMA application: Go to the Help menu, choose References, and select either Database Specification or Data Element Description. Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Subsystems The NALCOMIS OMA application is grouped into seven subsystems containing similar processes and an ad hoc query utility. These subsystems are integrated through functional processes and interfaces. The major functions required by the OMAs are integrated into one system sharing a common database. This approach avoids redundancy of functions and related data among the organizations. It also serves to improve the overall communication and resp...
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