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Entities and contractors of items procured by

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Unformatted text preview: signed to production work centers responsible for performing quality assurance functions during maintenance procedures. CDO Command Duty Officer An officer, who during the absence of the commanding officer, assumes the responsibilities of the Commanding Officer for specific date and time. CETS Contractor Engineering and Technical Service Personnel assigned to a commercial or industrial contracting agencies that provide instruction, training, information to Department of Defense (DoD) personnel afloat or ashore. CFA Cognizant Field Activity An activity that is responsible for the engineering and logistics management of an inventory item. CGPN CAGE and Part Number A specific attribute of a part based on its CAGE and part number combination. CM Configuration Management or Cannibalization Maintenance Configuration Management is a subsystem of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA that deals primarily with the inventory item, its attributes and usability. Cannibalization Maintenance is a work order type that is automatically initiated to replace the component that was removed during a cannibalization action. COL Change of Location An XRAY report transaction that is mainly used to inform Aircraft Controlling Custodian (ACC) where and when an aircraft changes location. CPT CO-Pilot Time Amount of time in hours and tenths spent by an aircrew as an assistant pilot or instructor positioned with access to the flight control providing assistance to the first pilot during a flight. 536 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA D DOD DDSN Different Organization Detachment A detachment that is a part of a parent organization but considered itself a different organization due to its own organizational code and its ability to function independently away from the parent site. Document Date and Serial Number Identifies the material requirement ordered through material control based on the date and the sequential serial number. DED Data Element Description Describes the attributes of a data element. DET Detachment Describes that a portion of an organization is deployed to a different site. Disconnected Detachment The detachment status of Same Org Detachment (SOD) or Different Org Detachment (DOD) that simply means that it (detachment) has no replication capability and must follow the prescribed instructions set forth in the NALCOMIS OOMA System and Database Administration Guide. DM Discrepancy Maintenance One of the work order types used for unscheduled maintenance. DMS DoD Department of Defense DODIC Department of Defense Identification Code A specific code assigned to an explosive device or cartridge for identification. DoN Department of the Navy DSF Data Services Facility An activity that converts document data into machine records and uses them to produce machine reports and listings for NALCOMIS OMA Legacy system. DSU Data Storage Unit A medium used by the Smart aircraft to store data for significant maintenance measured in flight and after landing. Database Management Server E Contro...
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