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Unformatted text preview: tory item. 9 Click OK. This process adds the new inventory to the selected ALSS folder. Aviators Personal Equipment This dialog box enables you to add the new serial number of the Aviators Personal Equipment to be duplicated. 1 In the Enter new Serial Number field, enter the first and last name initials plus the last four digits of the aircrew's SSN. 2 Enter the organization code. 3 Click OK. 216 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA For more information, see Duplicate Aviators Personal Equipment (see "Duplicate ALSS Inventory Structure" on page 215). ALSS Inventory Assembly The ALSS Inventory Assembly dialog box enables you identify the inventory item that you want to duplicate and where the item will be used. 1 Enter the Serial Number and the Organization Code. 2 Click OK or Cancel to duplicate inventory or discontinue the process respectively. Refresh a Window The Refresh option from the Actions menu of the Inventory Explorer enables you to save the changes to an inventory item and its properties, clears the window, and prepares it for a new retrieve action. Outstanding Work Orders This dialog box appears when there is an active work order against the assembly that is being removed from the aircraft. The box is designed to ensure the CDI/QAR or Maintenance Control manager is aware that outstanding work order exists. The CDI/QAR or Maintenance Control manager decides whether to sign it off or delete the work order when the assembly is off the aircraft. The box contains the print button if you desire a hard copy of the list. If you do not need a copy, simply click OK to clear the box and continue signing-off the work order. For more information, see Sign-off a Work Order (on page 439) and Approve a Completed Work Order (on page 488). Inventory Explorer - Tabs The Inventory Explorer displays five tabs that enable you to view or modify in some instances the Inventory, Tasks, Task Plans, Usage Records, and Current Usage. Except for Inventory and Current Usage, these tabs consist of a "Create" function which is only used during the initial implementation period or when a received inventory item is not under the Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system. The tabs enable you to create, duplicate, update, or delete inventory items, their task definitions, task plans, usage, and current usage. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 217 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem - Inventory Explorer - Tabs - Inventory Tab Note: Only the BLM has the capability to create any item that does not have a baseline established. Any related tasks, task plans, usage records or current usage of the new inventory item are also established by the BLM. Once the inventory item's baseline information has been completed by the BLM, it becomes available for addition to a site inventory. The Inventory Explorer Inventory tab displays details for the selected item in the tree view. It is divided into two areas: Inventory Details and...
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