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Unformatted text preview: Cancel (discontinues the process). Note: Only the actual worker or personnel with SMQ assigned to Task Code MNTCNTSO is allowed to delete the completed MRC. The MRC # becomes available for entry and sign off. For more information, see the following topics: ! Daily Maintenance Record (on page 366) ! Turnaround Maintenance Record (on page 366) Intent to Fly Process This dialog box appears once you have signed the A-Sheet as Pilot-inCommand. This creates a pre-flight document in the Flight Subsystem, either a scheduled or unscheduled flight event. For procedures, see Pilot-in-Command (on page 370). Swap Events This dialog box appears when the Swap Events button is selected on the Intent to Fly Process dialog box. Swap Events enables the pilot-incommand to switch aircraft when a designated aircraft goes down before flight and replacement aircraft is available from the scheduled events. For procedures, see Add a New A-Sheet to the Acceptance for Flight Tab (on page 365) and Pilot-in-Command (on page 370). 368 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Add a Contingency A-Sheet In situations, such as down-time, after a cross country flight, or during the implementation period, you can add previously completed A-Sheets (AIA) to the system to separate the required 10 subsequent flights of the aircraft ADB for its maintenance and flight history files. This is SMQ controlled to perform a specific task of adding a contingency A-Sheet. # To add previously completed A-Sheets to the system: 1 Open the Aircraft VED (on page 347). 2 Right-click on the MODEX and select ADB. The Acceptance for Flight tab and A-Sheet sub tab appears as the default. 3 Click the Contingency button . 4 At the A-Sheet Contingency prompt asking whether you want to back fit an A-Sheet, click one of the following: No - displays the A-Sheet sub tab Yes - redisplays the A-Sheet Contingency prompt box asking whether the A-Sheet is for a Hot Seat or not. 5 Respond accordingly. Yes or No appears in the Hot Seat Ind box. 6 Enter the A-Sheet in its entirety noting the date when the pilot actually signed the AIA form, the inspections were performed, or any other discrepancy found. 7 Click Save. At the A-Sheet Save prompt box asking whether you want to create a flight document, click one of the following: No - saves the A-Sheet contingency and ignores the flight document creation. Yes - saves the A-Sheet and creates a pre-flight document 8 Click the Last 10 A-Sheet sub tab to verify whether the A-Sheet that you added appears in the proper slot among the A-Sheets. For procedures, see Acceptance for Flight Tab (on page 363). Daily/Turnaround - Local Card Reference This sub tab on the Acceptance for Flight tab appears on the Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book. It enables you to add or delete MRCs or local cards that may be part of the daily or turnaround inspection requirements. The entries in this sub tab are the responsibility of the QAR. # To add card numbers on the daily/turnaround – local card reference:...
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