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Unformatted text preview: ve. The lower portion of the window displays all inspections due for all or specific equipment. 8 Select the specific inspection to initiate and click Initiate. The Control JCN appears alongside the Print prompt. 9 Respond to the Print prompt accordingly. 10 To initiate another work order, click Clear and start again from step 1. 11 Click Close to return to the VED. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 459 Near Due Removal - Component This dialog box appears when the Component Removals option is selected from a specific VED to initiate removal of a component. The box enables you to query LLC (life limited components) that are within the default deviation requirements of +/-3 days or +/-10% of their removal dates or counts, respectively. Usage values in the Maintenance Subsystem displays 3 digits to the right of the decimal when the usage requires it (3456.917). In some cases where the usage value is only in tenths, the usage displays in either tenths (3456.9) or 3 digits (3456.900). 1 The View Removal Within button allows you to queue different number of days or percent to appear on the list. The box enables you to select the particular inventory item to query by providing the criteria. Click Clear button to refresh the box. 2 Click the appropriate ORG code when in a multi-organization environment. 3 Choose the specific inventory item (Aircraft, SE, ALSS, or MME) or ALL. 4 To query specific components, select the Assy Cd and Serno from the lists, the specific intervals, and then click Retrieve. -orTo query all the components for specific Assy Cd, select the appropriate code from the list and then click Retrieve. 5 The lower portion of the box displays all components and their related information based on the criteria used. For more information, see Initiate Near Due Removal - Component (on page 457). Related Inspections This dialog box appears after a near due inspection is initiated and lists other related inspections with similar inspection intervals. Inspections listed on this dialog box can also be initiated if desired. The box contains three command buttons: ! OK – selects the related inspection and initiates it. ! None – returns to the Near Due window and initiates the selected inspection. ! Cancel – returns to the Near Due window Fix Phase Initiation The Fix Phase option on the VEDs enables you to initiate work orders on discrepancies discovered while performing a scheduled (phase, special or IMC), conditional, or preservation inspection. 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 460 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 2 Right-click the Modex or Serno and choose Initiate and select Fix Phase. 3 For aircraft, enter the Modex and the Control MCN or Control JCN, go to the Actions menu, select Initiate WO, or click the Initiate WO button -orFor Uninstalled Equipment, SE, ALSS, or MME, select the Control MCN or Control JCN from the lists, go to the Actions menu, select Initiate WO, or click the Initiate WO button . The Fi...
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