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Unformatted text preview: ields. 2 Enter the dates or double-click in the Start Date box or End Date box and the calendar appears and enables you to select the dates. Note: The Start Date and End Date are based on their Received Date entries on the deleted work orders and not on the dates they were deleted. 3 In the Work Center box, select the specific work centers or by-pass them for all work centers. 4 Click OK to generate the NALCOMIS OMA Work Order Audit Trail Report. 5 Click Cancel to return to the VED. Work Order Audit Trail Report This report reflects all work orders that were deleted from the database before CDI/QAR approval. It contains the MCNs and relevant information and reasons for deletion. ! To view pages of the report, click the arrow buttons on top of the display. ! To generate another Work Order Audit Trail Report, click the Report Selection button and follow the procedures described in Work Order Audit Trail (on page 407). ! Click Close to return to the Aircraft VED. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 409 Support Equipment VED The Support Equipment VED displays the current status of all SE items assigned to your organization. The Serno column reflects the serial number, nomenclature, and the actual location of the item as it appears in the Configuration Management Subsystem. The information in the Serno column also reflects the actual location of the item as it appears in the tree view of the Inventory Explorer in the Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem. You can select an SE item to display the list of related work orders and counts under each category. Personnel action on the work orders automatically updates the entries on the Support Equipment VED. Click Refresh to manually update the status of the SE on the list. The NALCOMIS OMA default window for the Maintenance Subsystem also displays Table Maintenance, Online Processing, and Mass Job Status menu selections. These menu selections contain task options relating to the organization's assets and database tables. For descriptions and procedures for these selections, see the following topics: ! Table Maintenance (Work Order (see "Table Maintenance (Work Order)" on page 476)) ! Online Processing (on page 482) ! Mass Job Status (on page 493) # To perform task selections for an item: 1 Open the Support Equipment VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 To find the SE you want, click the Search button . -orScroll down the list. -orGo to the Tools menu and select Search. For procedures, see VED Search (on page 346). 3 When you right-click a support equipment icon or the Serno entry for the item, a shortcut menu appears with task selections for that item. To perform these tasks, see the following topics: ! Initiate Work Order (on page 441) ! Inventory Remarks (on page 411) ! Query Work Orders (on page 346) ! Generate Maintenance Reports (on page 395) ! Oil Consumption (on page 357) 4 To update the SE status display, click Refresh. 410 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 To print...
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