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Form utilized in nalcomis oma legacy contains tabs

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Unformatted text preview: o directly to the flight document to add, update, query, or delete your unscheduled flight or cancel your scheduled flight event. Furthermore, this window enables you to open the Scheduler, Queries, and Reports options from the main menu to view the flight schedule, display current or historical flight documents, and generate reports. Additionally, the window contains tabs that display data essential to the flight document. When initiating a flight document, only the Aircraft tab is available. Once data has been entered for the aircraft, other tabs are enabled. For descriptions and procedures on the tabs, click Flight Document - Tabs (on page 99). The Flight Document window enables you to perform the following tasks: ! Initiate a Flight Document (on page 85) ! Modify a Current Flight Document (on page 91) ! Modify a Historical Flight Document (on page 94) ! Query a Flight Document (on page 96) ! Interface Flight Documents from SHARP/FIST (on page 97) ! Export SSN History (on page 98) ! Import SSN History (on page 99) ! Generate Flight Reports (on page 116) ! Approve Flight Documents (on page 108) Flight Document - Window Description The Flight Document window enables you to initiate, modify, and delete data, or to complete Flight documents for normal flights, other activity flights, or simulator flights. It also enables you to view data on aircraft, aircrew, flight legs, missions, aircrew flight hours, and weapons for a current or historical flight document. Additionally, the window displays six red dots on the Flight Document Aircraft tab, which will be the location of the aircraft and other pertinent information once a flight document initiation is selected. This window displays the following tabs. For more information and procedures on each tab, see Flight Document - Tabs (on page 99). Aircraft Establish, update, or view data related to aircraft. Aircrew Establish, update, or view data related to aircrew. 80 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Flight Hours Establish, update, or view data related to aircrew flight hours. Flight Legs Establish, update, or view data related to flight legs. Missions Establish, update, or view data related to flight missions. Weapons Establish, update, or view data related to weapons. Toolbar Buttons - Flight Document The Flight Document window displays the following toolbar buttons: Toolbar Button/ Menu Option File>New>Flight Document Initiation File>New>Initiate Unscheduled Flight Document File>New>Scheduled Flight Selection Action Initiates a normal, other activity, or simulator flight document. Initiates a new unscheduled flight document. Initiates a flight document from a scheduled flight. Actions>Delete>… Deletes a flight document or specific data on a flight document. File>Print Prints a flight document at any time during processing. File>Save Save the document when all the required fields are completed. File>Close Cancels the process before saving the flight document or closes...
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