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Is for a hot seating situation 4 respond accordingly

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Unformatted text preview: ordingly whether or not to override the Daily Inspection. 5 On the A-Sheet sub tab, type your Login ID and password in the Login Privilege response box, and then click OK. 6 At this point, your signature will open either the A-Sheet Save or the Intent to Fly Process depending upon whether or not you are on the flight schedule. ! If you are not on the flight schedule, the A-Sheet Save response box appears with a prompt asking whether to generate a flight document. If you select Yes, a flight document is issued. ! If you are on the flight schedule, the Intent To Fly Process response box appears with your name and your flight event number. To generate a flight document, double-click your event number and click OK on the Intent to Fly response box that appears with the assigned flight document. The Intent to Fly response box contains two buttons: Unscheduled Flight Assigns a pre-flight document number for unscheduled flight. Swap Events Enables you to switch to another aircraft if the one assigned to you (as stated on the flight schedule) is not ready for flight. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 371 Note: The Pilot-in-Command is always assigned a special qualification of A. Your signature on the A-Sheet will cause it to appear on the last 10 ASheet sub tab as the current A-Sheet. For more information, see Intent to Fly Process (on page 367) and Swap Events (on page 367). Plane Captain and/or Work Center Personnel As the plane captain and/or work center personnel, you are responsible for performing the Daily/Turnaround inspection. Each person assigned will have the SMQ to sign-off the MRCs required to complete the inspection or to initiate a work order when discrepancy is discovered during the performance of each MRC. For an overview of the complete procedures, see Add a New A-Sheet to the Acceptance for Flight Tab (on page 365). # To perform the Daily/Turnaround inspection: 1 On the Acceptance for Flight tab, A-Sheet sub tab, click the Add button. 2 At the add a new A-sheet prompt, click Yes. 3 Respond accordingly whether or not the A-Sheet is for a Hot Seating situation. 4 Respond accordingly whether or not to override the Daily Inspection. 5 Click OK on the Error prompts stating that a Daily/Turnaround inspection is not done yet. 6 At this point, select Daily or Turnaround Maint Record sub tab to complete the required inspection. For procedures, see Daily/Turnaround Maintenance Record Procedures (on page 366). 7 Click Save. 8 Click the A-Sheet sub tab. Once the Maintenance Control Manager signed off the completed Daily/Turnaround MRCs, the Plane Captain field becomes available. 9 On the A-Sheet sub tab, click the Plane Captain field and enter user's login ID. Complete the Login Privilege response block and click OK. The cursor then moves to the Safe for Flight field. 10 Click Save. 372 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Engine/APU/Prop Data Tab The Engine/APU/Prop Data tab on the ABD enables you to view the aircraft, engine, and/or propeller data related...
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