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Unformatted text preview: ng using MAF, you are referring to the WO. Changes to the database are being made to change MAF to WO. 140 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Filter The Filter dialog box appears when you right-click an item and select Filter from a shortcut menu, or when you click Filter or catalog. in any explorer This utility serves as a generic ad hoc filter that enables pasting together various expressions to filter the database for the applicable results. It appears with the Functions, Columns, Operators, Values, and Saved Filters tabs. You can manually enter the filter expression or build it from selections available on the various tabs. The following boxes and command buttons are available: Filter Expression Displays the filter expression you build or restore. Build Filter With Displays the tabs containing selections to build the filter. Verify Checks the validity of the filter expression. Clear Clears the Filter Expression box to create a new one. Save Filter Saves the displayed filter expression. Build a filter expression 1 Click Filter in the explorer or catalog. 2 Select terms from the tabs. 3 These terms appear on the Filter Expression box. 4 If not available on the Values tab, you can enter the values and use single quotation marks (') to bracket them in the Filter Expression box. When using the percentage symbol (%) as a wild card, use the Like operator instead of the equal (=) symbol. 5 Once you have completed the filter statement, click Verify to check if the filter is valid. 6 If the filter is valid, click OK to run it. 7 To save the filter expression for later use, click Save Filter. The Description window opens. 8 Name the filter expression appropriately, and click OK. 9 The saved filter is listed in the Saved Filters tab. 10 To build another filter expression, click Clear and repeat steps 1 through 7. Modify an existing filter expression 1 Click Filter in the explorer or catalog. 2 Click the Saved Filters tab and double-click the item you want to modify. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 141 3 The Filter Expression box displays the filter statement. 4 Change the statement by adding or deleting values in the Filter Expression box. 5 Click Save Filter. Print The Print dialog box appears when you select Print from a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click on a tab or window, or when you click Print. It prints the open window or dialog box. Print Preview Print Preview displays a page as it appears when printed. The Print Preview window appears when you right-click an item and select Print Preview from a shortcut menu, or when you click any explorer or catalog window. Print Preview in To set the zoom value, click an option from the available selections, or use the Percent list. To view the pages, use the arrow buttons. - First Page - Previous Page - Next Page - Last Page The corresponding dialog boxes appear when you click Print, Print Setup, Page Setup, and E-mail. For procedures, see Microsoft Windows Help. Sa...
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