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Unformatted text preview: has started and the movement of inventory items or personnel from the INBOX to the PRIMARY selection group has started and finished. Note 1: Move each aircraft individually, when multiple aircraft are involved. Note 2: For baseline sweep, no further action is required once you access the detachment workstation because the process automatically updates the baseline data. The PRIMARY selection group contains the inventory and/or personnel when the movement is completed. # On the Squadron (Home Guard) Workstation: 1 Type your assigned login ID and password. 2 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 3 Right-click the initial detachment to which the detachment return (may include changes) is applied, choose Detachment Functions, and select Load Changes From DET. 4 At the "ActualsIn or partial return completed." prompt, click OK. 5 To refresh the window, go to the Actions menu and select Refresh. Note: For ActualsIn or Return, the system updates specific baseline areas automatically and no further action is required. 6 At the Messenger Service prompts indicating that the re-indexing process has started and the movement of inventory items and/or personnel from the INBOX to the PRIMARY selection group has started and finished, respond accordingly. Run the Index Process This NT re-indexing procedure helps alleviate the time when loading detachment data to the detachment machine. 1 On the NT server, right-click Start and select Explore. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 175 2 In the j drive, select the h folder. 3 In the h folder, select the NTCSS_appsrv\bin folder. 4 Click the strtindx.bat file to run the index process. 5 Once this process is complete, click the strtutil.bat file to run the utility process. Move Aircraft, Equipment, and Personnel to a Detachment The Relocate To Another Group option in the Group Explorer enables you to move inventory items (aircraft, equipment, or components) or personnel between different selection groups (INBOX, OUTBOX, and PRIMARY and its detachments or folders). Personnel can only be relocated between the PRIMARY selection group and the INITIAL or AUGMENT detachments. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Click the PRIMARY selection group. Select from the Inventory tab and Personnel tab the aircraft, equipment, component, or personnel that you want to include in the initial detachment. 3 Right-click the inventory item or personnel from the PRIMARY selection group that you want to relocate and select Relocate To Another Group. The Select Group dialog box appears listing all possible groups to relocate the item or personnel. 4 Choose a selection group and click OK. You can also use the drag and drop (on page 21) method to move both inventory items and personnel from the Primary selection group to the selected detachment. The process moves or relocates the inventory items or per...
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