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List and click ok to select a requirement double click

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Unformatted text preview: ect one or more items from the list, press the Ctrl key, click the items you want and click Select. The system displays the Material Control Register window. The Prior MCN and Next MCN buttons appear when you select more than one requirement. 3 On the Material Control Register window, go to the Actions menu and select Assign DDSN or click Assign DDSN. The system automatically assigns the DDSN and redisplays the requirement. 4 You can now transmit the item to IMA for processing. To do this, go to the Actions menu and select Transmit to IMA or click Transmit to IMA. The requirement then gets processed through the OMA/IMA Interface and a supply status appears. 5 If the item is repairable, respond to the Turn-In prompt accordingly. If you selected yes, the Turn-In Work Order will be transmitted to IMA and the CM record will be transferred to the O@I server. Messages will be displayed during the automated transfer process indicating the start and finish. If the transfer fails, a warning message appears and the user will have to manually transfer the item from the Offloaded tab in the OUTBOX selection group in CM. If you selected more than one requirement to process, select Next MCN. The next requirement appears. To assign DDSN, repeat step 4. 6 To reject a requirement, go to the Actions menu and select Reject or click Reject. 7 Respond to the reject prompt and click Enter if remarks were entered in the Reference block. 8 Click Close to return to the DDSN Assignment window. For more information, see Material Control Register (on page 498). Requisition Status Update This window enables Material Control personnel to initiate the requisition status update process. It also enables personnel to view the current supply status on all outstanding requisitions on the OMA database. 1 Open the Material Selection Menu (see "How to Access Material Control Subsystem" on page 495). 2 On the Material Selection Menu, select Requisition Status from the Material Update group list and click OK. 3 To update the status of a single requisition, type the DDSN. 4 Go to the Actions menu and select Retrieve or click Retrieve Data. The system displays data on the requisition. 5 Click Apply to update the current supply status. 498 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA To update all outstanding requisitions by a specific project code, type the Project Code. 6 Go to the Actions menu and select Retrieve or click Retrieve Data. ! To update all open requisitions, leave all fields blank. Go to the Actions menu and select Retrieve or click Retrieve Data. ! To update all requisitions falling within a particular period, type the Begin and End Dates. 7 Go to the Actions menu and select Retrieve or click Retrieve Data. The window displays the number of outstanding requisitions that will be updated, and gives you the option to continue or to exit the process. 8 Click Yes to process the requisition, and then click OK on the Updated Completed prompt. Each requisition is updated individuall...
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