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Monitor is installed on your workstation bring it up

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Unformatted text preview: completed. 15 Refresh the screen by selecting Actions>Refresh from the main menu. 16 Select the Offloaded Items tab on the OUTBOX selection group. The item(s) should be listed with the correct Send to Org and From Org headings. The On Media column contains a "NO." 17 Select the item(s) you want to send and select Send Items to... Tape/CD/E-Mail/Transfer Online. (The transfer online process works as previously described and sends the asset(s) through the transit server.) For tape: ! Right-click the selected item and select Send Items to Tape or click the Send Items to Tape button from the toolbar. ! Click OK on the Save To Media prompt box that states the NT Backup called and when the backup is finished. For CD or e-mail: ! Select Send Items to E-Mail. ! Click OK on the Save to Media box stating that all files are ready for e-mail. The Media column of the OUTBOX selection group, Offloaded Items tab changes to "YES." ! Open your e-mail system to a new message, complete the From/To addresses and subject lines. ! Click Insert/File. When the "Look in" window appears, navigate to the server where the transfer files are located; typically this is the NALCOMIS main server. From the Network Neighborhood, select the NALCOMIS Server, then select AME>Omasrv>Data>Transfer>Tapebackup. In the Tapebackup directory there can be a minimum of three files (the item(s) being transferred in zip file(s), a dbid.fle file, and a detachment.log file). You must load all of these files to e-mail or CD. Failure to do so results in an error at the receiving site. 18 Click Insert. The files are placed into the e-mail. 19 Click Send. The same actions must occur when copying to a CD. Cut the minimum of three files from the tapebackup directory and paste them to the CD-RW. Follow the instructions for the CD-RW for copying files to CD. # To receive items from another server: By tape: ! Load the tape into the receiving NALCOMIS server. ! Open a DOS session on the server. ! Change the drive to J: 188 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA ! Change the directory to: h\omasrv\bin ! Once in the bin directory type: det_tape_restore ! This calls NT BACKUP (The following actions are the same as DET processing.) ! The Backup Tape window appears. ! The lower portion of the window contains two smaller windows [tapes] & [drives.] If both of these windows are not visible, click the Minimize button (top right.) ! Select Tape (small box to left of entry.) ! (Tape created on XX/XX/XX.) ! Click Restore and click OK to accept defaults. ! The Restore status window appears. ! Click OK when the following Message appears: "The operation was successfully completed." ! Close the tapebackup window. ! The transferred item(s) now appear as individual entries on the DOS window. Prompt states: [number of file(s)] moved. ! Close the window. ! Move to a workstation, go to the Group Explorer> Incoming Inventory in the NALCOMIS application. ! The previously described...
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