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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: to the DDSN field; if not, select the appropriate CAGE/Part Number and then move to the DDSN field. 5 Enter the CDI signature. On the Privilege Login response, enter the CDI Login and Password and click OK. If the CDI is not available to sign, a message will prompt you to perform manual processing to move the component to the OUTBOX. 6 Click Next to go to Step 2 (see "Step 2 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in" on page 381). Step 2 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in This dialog box appears with the description of the action indicating the type of cannibalization process used, the authorizing document, the organization where the removed part is going, the CAGE/PN data, and assigned DDSN. The Received Date/Time, Work Center, and System Reason fields are also prefilled. 1 Modify the fields as necessary. 2 Click Finish. For a complete overview of the cannibalization process, see to Cannibalization Processing (on page 378). Cannibalization Wizard - Classic This type of cannibalization is termed "classic" because it is the most frequently used method in removing a defective component from the target (discrepant) aircraft (DM) and replacing it with a functioning component from a source aircraft (CM). However, the following provisions must be made before this action: ! The defective component has been removed from the discrepant aircraft and the Removed block of the work order is completed and signed by the CDI. ! Material requisition has been ordered against the discrepant aircraft and the material requirement is not available for issue, is undergoing expeditious repair, or its estimated time of delivery will further delay the aircraft repair. 384 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 On the Aircraft VED, right-click the aircraft icon in the ORG column, or the Modex or BUNO entry for the aircraft and select Cannibalization Wizard. 3 On the Cannibalization Wizard selection box, select Cannibalization - Classic/ Urgent/Troubleshooting. 4 This cannibalization is a four-step process. Navigate through the steps by clicking the following buttons: Next to continue, Back to return to the previous window, or Cancel to discontinue the process. To complete the four-step process, see the following topics: ! Step 1 - MCN/Data Validation (on page 384) ! Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection (on page 384) ! Step 3 - Removal/Install Signatures and Serno Entry (on page 384) ! Step 4 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in (on page 385) Step 1 - MCN/Data Validation This dialog box enables you to view the information concerning the aircraft involved in the cannibalization process. The WUC, DDSN, and MCNs (original and Turn-in WOs) are shown for validation. 1 Click Next. The Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection dialog box appears. 2 Go to Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection (on page 387). Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection This dialog box enables you t...
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