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Of aircrew that had flown with another activity the

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Unformatted text preview: that the file is being imported. 5 When the system prompts you that the process is complete, click OK. The contents of the disk are erased and marked PP (previously posted) to avoid duplicate entries. SSN History Import Filename This dialog box appears with the user's login Org Code as the default and the associated file name. Select the Org code if other than the default and click OK. For procedures, see Import SSN History (on page 99). Flight Document - Tabs For descriptions and procedures on each tab, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." 100 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Flight Document - Aircraft This tab enables you to initiate, modify, or delete flight documents for either scheduled or unscheduled flights. Depending on the type of flight you selected on the Flight Document Initiation window or the initiation buttons from the toolbar, this window appears with or without a document number. This tab appears also when a historical flight is selected for query or modification. For procedures see Modify a Historical Flight Document (on page 94). The Normal, Simulator, and Scheduled flight options automatically assign a document number. However, if simulator training is performed at the simulator trainer site and a flight document has been initiated, a copy of that document and its document number should be used to reinitiate a flight document at home base to update the aircrew data. The Other Activity option requires you to enter a document number from a copy of flight document initiated by the aircraft-reporting custodian. In any case, this tab opens up aircraft data marked with red dots for unscheduled and scheduled flights. Note 1: The red dots that appear next to data boxes indicate that valid data is required. Once you enter valid data, the dots turn green. Note 2: Clicking Save & Print Document validates the document and updates the aircraft usage The Saving Flight Document prompt appears and determines whose name appears in the A/C or Msn CMDR Signature field on this tab. Click one of the following: Yes - displays the Login Signature dialog box. No - leaves the Signature block blank. Cancel a Scheduled Flight This option on the Scheduler – Aircraft window enables you to cancel a scheduled flight that was not completed for operational or maintenance reasons. This cancellation process is similar to the Create Cancelled Flight for Outdated Events option on the Scheduler window with different procedural steps. An outdated event is a flight event on the scheduler that was never flown. Outdated events cannot be deleted. However, to remove the event as a completed or bona fide cancelled flight document, it must be cancelled. 1 Select the flight event from the Scheduled Flight Selection or Scheduled Flight for this User window and click OK. 2 Enter the Modex if the field is blank. 3 Click the Flight Document - Flight Legs tab and type 0001 in the Time field for departure if the field is blank. Chapter 3 Flight Subsyst...
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