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Unformatted text preview: res The Group Explorer enables you to create, view, or delete groups (inventory folders), perform detachment processing, relocate inventory items (aircraft, equipment, or components) between the selection groups (INBOX, OUTBOX, SENT, and PRIMARY), and transfer inventory items out of your organization. Creating groups encompasses two distinct areas: Inventory Folders and Detachments. Inventory folders are used mainly to group like items in your organization for easy access and records upkeep. Likewise, you can create a detachment when a portion of your organization has to operate in a different site other than your home base. Relocating inventory items between selection groups is necessary when those items are in your custody and reside in the PRIMARY group. The items must first be relocated to the OUTBOX before they can be transferred out of your organization's custody. Relocating items from INBOX to PRIMARY enables you to add the item to your inventory and enables you to maintain them as required. Transferring inventory items out of your organization's custody to another site can be performed when the items are in the OUTBOX group. Tasks are available from the Edit menu or from a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click an item in the tree view in the various tabs (Inventory, Personnel, Deployment Availability). Some tasks are also available on the main toolbar or on the tab toolbar. Except for the Deployment Availability tab, a shortcut menu that appears also has options for common utilities and functions. These utilities and functions are also available as toolbar buttons. For procedures, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). For more information, see the following topics: ! Inventory Folder Processing (on page 150) ! Detachment Processing (on page 159) ! Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Online (on page 184) ! Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Manually (on page 185) ! Relocate Inventory Item or Personnel to Another Group (on page 205) ! Run Transfer Report (on page 199) ! Load Items Received from Other Site (on page 179) ! Display the Inventory Explorer (on page 190) ! Transfer History (see "View Transfer History" on page 191) ! Transfer To (on page 180) ! Transfer a Group (on page 180) Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem ! Save Items to Files (on page 182) ! Send Items to Tape/CD/E-mail (on page 182) ! Transfer Online (on page 157) ! 159 Delete an Item (see "Delete an Inventory Item" on page 214) Delete an Item from Group Explorer The Delete an Item from Group Explorer option enables you to delete the transfer records that were performed while on the OUTBOX or SENT selection group. 1 Click the OUTBOX or SENT selection group. 2 From the OUTBOX selection group: a) Click the Offloaded Items tab. b) Select the item that you want to delete and click the Delete button or use the right-click feature and select...
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