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Of the aviation 3m systems designed for collection

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Unformatted text preview: ircraft repair or inspections. MC MESM Mission Essential Subsystem Matrix Lists of model and type of equipment systems or subsystems that must be on board and in working condition an aircraft before it can qualify as mission ready. Maintenance Control MFLT A functional production work center within the Organization Maintenance Activity (OMA) that is responsible for controlling the overall work progress throughout the maintenance department. Mission Capable Material condition of an aircraft or training device that can perform at least one or potentially all of its missions. Manual Flight Record A data source used in Configuration Management of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA, Inventory Explorer to manually add aircraft flight data to update its usage in lieu of the actual flight document. MIS Management Information System Automated techniques that made information available for all echelon of management upon which to base management decisions. or Missiles MCAPP Modification, Corrosion, and Paint Program An inventory subclass assigned to missiles which have an assembly code that begins with 'M'. 540 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA MME NAMP Mission Mounted Equipment The equipment mounted on an aircraft that changes its configuration to perform a specific mission. It is identified by the same assembly code as the aircraft except that its first position begins with 'B' instead of 'A'. Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Sponsored and directed by CNO to address concepts, policies, organizations, and maintenance support procedures. MRC Naval Air Technical Data and Training Service Command Provides training services to the different fleet activities. Maintenance Requirement Card A reference card that a maintenance personnel uses to perform required inspections against aircraft and equipment. MRH Main Rotor Head An inventory subclass assigned to main rotor heads and its subassemblies. MSN Mission Describes the purpose of the flight. MSU Memory Storage Unit N NADEP Naval Aviation Depot A maintenance organization assigned to perform D-level type maintenance on an aircraft. NAESU Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System An automated management information system (MIS) that provides maintenance, material, and operation managers in the Navy and Marine Corps in managing assigned aircraft and equipment. NATEC NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization A manual of general flight and operating instructions used as the standard within the naval aviation establishments and to compliment the OPNAVINST 3710.7 instruction. NAVFLIR Naval Flight Record A source document used in NALCOMIS OMA legacy system to which the pilot-in-command or mission commander enters the data upon completion of an aircraft flight or simulator/training. For more information, see Flight Document (on page 78). NAVFLIRS Naval Flight Record Subsystem Provides standardized procedures in collection of flight activity...
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