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Unformatted text preview: n the tree view, double-click the PRIMARY selection group to expand it. 3 Right-click the selection group that you want to transfer and select Transfer To. At the Group Transfer prompt stating that all items in the selected group is transferred, respond accordingly. 4 Click Yes if you want to give up ownership while on the Transfer response box. The procedure transfers the group into the selected organization. 5 Click OK when the Org Assignment dialog box appears. 6 Click No to transfer the group to the OUTBOX selection group with no Org Code change. 7 Complete the documents (work orders, flight documents, or logsets) listed on each tab when the Item Transfer Report - Outstanding dialog box appears. This process moves the group to the OUTBOX selection group. Transfer To The Transfer To dialog box appears only when you are relocating an inventory item (aircraft or component) or personnel from the PRIMARY to the OUTBOX group in the Group Explorer, using the Relocate to Another Group option. The same dialog box appears when you use the Relocate To option in the Inventory Explorer to move inventory items only. The Transfer To dialog box enables you to select the site (server) you want to relocate the selected inventory item. For procedures, see Relocate Aircraft to the Outbox (on page 207). Org Assignment This dialog box enables you to select where the inventory item will be transferred. The box only appears when the transfer involves giving up ownership of the group or the inventory item. For procedures, see Transfer a Group (on page 180). Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 181 Save Detachment to a File From the Group Explorer, you can right-click the detachment that you want to save, choose Detachment Functions, and select Save Group To Files. This option enables you to save the selected detachment to a file for augment or return. Both the parent organization (home guard) and detachment are responsible for saving the created detachment to a file. Note: Before saving the inventory items and personnel to a file, it is recommended that you use the Check Detachment Queue (on page 167) option to determine which documents (work orders, flight, and logsets) require completion. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Right-click the detachment that you want to save, choose Detachment Functions, and select Save Group To Files. Ignoring the note at the beginning of this process causes the Detachment Queue - Outstanding window to appear. This window lists all work orders, flight documents, aircrew documents, or Logset Required Signatures, if required. The Report Generator [Det Processing/Item Transfer Reports] dialog box appears to enable you to view or print the necessary reports listed. For more information, see Report Generator (on page 178). 3 In the Report Generator dialog box, click Cancel to continue the deploying process. 4 On the Messenger Service prompts stating that the...
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