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On page 373 open work orders see open work orders tab

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Unformatted text preview: ;Open Work Orders Tab" on page 355) ! Closed Work Orders Last 10 Flights (see "Closed Work Orders Last 10 Flights Tab" on page 356) For more information, see Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book (on page 354). 374 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Change Inspection Status as SCIR Impacted Inspections that are issued within their allowed deviation are issued in U status. Calendar based special inspections will automatically go to D status when they surpass their + 3 day deviation, but with no SCIR impact against the aircraft. This change process enables you as the Maintenance Control Manager to manually Down the aircraft for the specified inspection. All other none IMC inspections are issued in Up status if deviation has not been exceeded and are also candidates for manually downing of the aircraft. Note: This function does not apply to IMC inspections. 1 Open the specific VED. 2 Right-click the selected aircraft icon or MODEX or BUNO and select the SCIR Impacted Insp option. The SCIR Impacted Inspection dialog box appears with all OPEN inspections. 3 Select the inspection's MCN to be processed. 4 Right-click and select Activate Inspection Down. This process changes the selected MCN status to D and inserts the appropriate EOC code of Y for the Control Document and Z for the production work centers involved in the inspection. SCIR Impacted Inspections This dialog box appears when the SCIR Impacted Insp option is selected from the Aircraft VED, right-click feature. This box contains all MCN related to all inspections except those associated with IMC inspections. This process places an issued OPEN inspection to a down status and inserts the apropriate EOC when the Maintenance Control Manager activates the inspection down process. For procedures, see Change Inspections as SCIR Impacted (see "Change Inspection Status as SCIR Impacted" on page 374). Update Aircraft Remarks The Update Remarks option enables you to add, modify, or delete brief narratives under the Remarks column of the Aircraft VED. These remarks are precise descriptions of the general condition of aircraft assigned to the organization, which helps personnel to easily determine the maintenance action requirements. These remarks also appear in the Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem, Inventory Explorer. # To update aircraft remarks for a specific aircraft: 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 375 2 On the Aircraft VED, right-click the aircraft icon in the ORG column or the Modex or BUNO entry for the specific aircraft and select Update Remarks. The Aircraft Remarks dialog box appears with all fields prefilled with data for the selected aircraft, with only the Remarks field available for update. 3 Type a narrative or modify the previous entry in the Remarks field and click OK. 4 To undo, cut, copy, paste, or delete an entry, right-click the entry and select the option. Entries and changes made in...
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