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Unformatted text preview: Modex Selection This dialog box appears when you right-click a work order and select Cannibalize Auth in the Active Work Order Query window. 1 Enter the Modex. 2 Click Finish. For detailed procedures, see Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375). Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 377 Cannibalization MCN Selection This dialog box appears with a list of MCNs that Maintenance Control authorized for cannibalization actions. These MCNs are against the aircraft from where parts (consumable or repairable) will be removed. The box displays the reference icon (Incomplete or Higher Authority) to indicate the type of cannibalization action. ! Incomplete - Cannibalization act was completed and the required replacement part is yet to be ordered. ! Higher Authority - Cannibalization act is dictated by higher authority when parts are not available anywhere. The box displays the following buttons: Clear Authorization Cancels the cannibalization act authorization. OK Accepts the cannibalization act authorization. Cancel Returns to the previous window. Select the appropriate MCN and click OK. For procedures, see Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375). 378 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Cannibalization Processing Cannibalization is the process of removing a functioning consumable or repairable component from one aircraft to be installed in another so it can accomplish its assigned missions. This process is necessary when replacement parts are in short supply or their repair cannot be done expeditiously due to lack of parts, facility, or technical repair expertise. The Cannibalization Wizard was developed for maintenance managers and technicians to facilitate the performance of this task, as the system does various steps behind the scenes during the cannibalization process. There are different types of cannibalization wizards and they can be accomplished either from the Aircraft VED window or from the Active Work Order Query window. Whichever area you start from, the wizard takes you step by step from the start to finish. There are remarks and notes that you will respond to that properly completes the cannibalization action. Note 1: Make sure that the DDSN auto-assign capability from the Material Control Subsystem DDSN Range Update group is turned on. should appear Note 2: The Cannibalization Authorized icon adjacent to the aircraft icon to indicate that the aircraft has been approved for cannibalization processing. Note 3: The Incomplete Cannibalization icon that appears next to a Cannibalization Authorized icon indicates that there is a work order that must be signed off following a Cannibalization Wizard - Urgent without Requisition process. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Cannibalization Wizard (on page 379) ! Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375) Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 379 Cannibalization Wizard The Cannibalization Wiz option on the Aircraft VED enables you to select and perform the appropriate cannibalization. This option is...
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