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Unformatted text preview: zations (on page 392). For a complete overview of the cannibalization process, see Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375). Cannibalization Wizard - Troubleshooting This topic is for future development. Cannibalization Wizard - Finish Incomplete Cannibalizations This cannibalization wizard enables you to continue the completion of a work order against a target aircraft from which a defective component is removed and a replacement is installed after a cannibalization action without requisition. This process allows you to complete the work order sequentially provided that you select the appropriate MCN from the dialog box and adhere to the Warnings and Notes throughout the process. Finishing incomplete cannibalizations encompasses three steps: ! ! Step 2 - Order Part (on page 394) ! 1 Step 1 - Removal/Install Signatures/WO Part Order (on page 389) Step 3 - Repairable and Consumables Ordered (on page 394) Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the aircraft flagged with the Cannibalization Auth and Incomplete Cannibalization icons and select Cannibalization Wiz. 3 Click Finish Incomplete Cannibalizations from the Cannibalization Wizard Selection box. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 393 4 Now proceed to Step 1 - Enter Removal/Install Signatures, Job Status Update and WO that Parts will be Ordered Against (on page 393) Step 1 - Enter Removal/Install Signatures, Job Status Update and WO that Parts will be Ordered Against This dialog box displays the MCNs (DM and CM) for target and source aircraft, respectively and the information on the removed and installed components. The box includes the signatures of the CDI involved in the cannibalization act. The box displays three buttons: Initial Accesses the Work Order Update – Remove Removed portion of the work order Job Status Accesses the Job Status/Worker Hours portion of the work order Clear Sigs 1 Removes the CDI Signatures. Click Job Status. The Cannibalization Wizard - Job Status/Worker Hours window appears. 2 Position the cursor to the current job status (M3) and then click Add/Edit Worker/In Work Time. The Worker Hours window appears with the list of all work centers and respective assigned personnel. 3 Select the worker from the appropriate work center and click Add. 4 Enter the Toolbox Number and Start/End date/time. 5 Type the CDI login ID and password on the Privilege Login response box and then click OK. 6 Click Apply and then OK. 7 Click Next when the Cannibalization Wizard - Job Status/Worker Hours window reappears. 8 Click Initial Remove. The Work Order Update - Remove window appears with the CAGE, Part Number, and Serial Number fields prefilled. Note: If the Serial Number displays XXX, enter the actual serial number. 9 Click the CDI signature field. 10 Click OK on the API Remove message stating that the removed record has been saved. 11 Enter the CDI signature when the CDI Signature field becomes available. 12 Click OK when the API Remove response box...
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