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On page 515 2 click the smqwc tab and then click

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Unformatted text preview: ialog box, click the specific WCs to assign them from the From box and move them to the To box. To assign a specific WC to a person assigned to multiple organizations, click Apply. To assign all WCs to a user, click Add All. 4 Click OK. The changes are now reflected on the user account. 520 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Remove Work Center Assignments from a User 1 Open the user account. For procedures, see Open a User Account (on page 515). 2 Click the SMQ/WC tab and click Add/Remove WC. 3 On the Multi-Select - WC Code List, click the specific WCs to remove them from the To box and move them to the From box. 4 To remove all Work Centers, click Remove All. The Clicked prompt box appears when you attempt to remove the last work center. The box informs you that a person must have at least one work center assigned 'to exist in the database'. 5 Click OK. The changes are now reflected on the user account. Multi-Select - WC Code List This selection window appears when you click Add/Remove WC on the Personnel - SMQ/WC window. In a multi-organization environment, you can assign WCs to a user who is assigned to different organizations continuously by adding the specific WC while on the selected Org Code and then click Apply. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Assign Work Centers to a User (on page 519) ! Remove Work Center Assignments from a User (on page 520) Generate Personnel Access Report The Report menu enables you to generate the only report for Personnel Subsystem. This report reflects the SMQs assigned to all or specific users. The report contains the SMQs and work centers assigned to each user. It also enables users to generate the report in a multi-organizational environment. For more information, see the applicable topic lised under "In This Section." Personnel Access The Personnel Access dialog box enables you to select criteria to generate the Personnel Access Report for users, work centers, or SMQs. The dialog box appears with an alphabetical listing of all personnel assigned to the organization. The box contains four data fields: Org/Org Name, Work Center, SMQ, and Total Personnel. All the fields contain default entries; however, you can tailor the report for a specific work center, SMQ, or users. 1 Select the appropriate organization code, if other than the selected one. 2 Select Work Center and SMQ from the lists, or leave the default to ALL. Chapter 7 Personnel Subsystem 521 3 Select specific personnel. 4 Select Screen or Printer in the Report To box. 5 Click OK. For more information, see Generate Personnel Access Report (on page 520). Personnel Access Report The Personnel Access Report reflects the SMQs assigned to a specific user in a work center, or all users, all work centers, and all SMQs. The contents of the report will be dependent upon the selection criteria used. In a multi-organization environment, the report displays the SMQs assigned to the selected personnel in all organizations the user has been assigned...
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