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Unformatted text preview: ppears displaying current information concerning the ButtonLaser software. Run Item Transfer The Run Item Transfer option from the Utilities menu is a backup process for transferring inventory item(s) in a Ready status to a remote site when the normal Transfer Online option does not work properly. This normally happens when the server is rebooted or when the Messenger Service prompts do not appear for a long period. Remember that this is just a backup process. For more information, see Transfer Items Online (on page 185). Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 137 Update F14 F110 EOT/TAC The Update F14 F110 EOT/TAC option in the Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem enables you to update the EOT or TAC data for F14 aircraft model and F110 engines only. This is accomplished by loading data from a 3½-inch floppy disk to the optimized NALCOMIS OMA system. The Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system recognizes the type aircraft and engines that exist in the database, which enables or disables this option as applicable. When there are installed or uninstalled F110 engines in the database, the Update procedure will apply as long as the date on the disk is later than the last date changed. The update affects the engine assembly and EOT and TAC counts of its sub-components. For more information, see ASR/SASR Component Removal Due (on page 323) and Current Usage Tab (on page 229). To perform steps needed to update the F14 F110 EOT/TAC, click the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Check the File Dates 1 Upon receipt of the floppy disk from a source TEDS Plus/FEMS Grumman Representative on site, verify the disk contents to make sure the dates are correct. 2 Insert the disk in drive: A. 3 On your desktop, click Start, choose Programs, then Accessories, and select Notepad. 4 On Notepad, choose File, and select Open. 5 In the Look in: box, select 3 1/2 Floppy (A). 6 In the Files of Type box, select All Files. 7 Click the filename nalcomis.tac and click Open. The contents of the file appear for review. 8 Check the dates. Load the EOT/TAC data 1 Go to the Utilities menu and select Update F14 F110 EOT/TAC. 2 Wait for the load process to complete and continue with the verification process. Verify the EOT and TAC Counts Against the Engines and its Components 1 After the load process is completed, click the Current Usage tab. 2 Double-click the F14 aircraft in the tree view to expand the structure to the engines and components level. 3 Select the engine or component. 4 Click the Current Usage tab. 138 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 View the rows of data on the tab that shows the new TSN counts. Verify the ASR/SASR Component Removal Due Report 1 On the toolbar, click CM Reports. 2 Select ASR/SASR Removal Component Due for ASR component or Removal Component Due Report for SRC (Scheduled Removal Component) from the list. 3 View the EOT and TAC counts against all components for the changes that occurred due to the...
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