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Orders as they go through screening inspection and

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Unformatted text preview: ion lists all work orders to be processed. For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under "In this Section and "See Also". Note 1: If you must reject a work order, do so before approving or signing off your area of responsibility. Once a work order is approved, it cannot be rejected. Note 2: All work orders associated with a control work order must first be completed before the final sign-off. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 483 Project/Priority Queue The Project/Priority Queue option on the Online Processing menu enables you to assign project/priority codes to a material requirement or delete the material requirement (required, failed, or both) when necessary. This queue lists all work orders waiting for project/priority codes assignment by Maintenance Control managers. # To assign a Project/Priority Code: 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 On the VED, go to the Online Processing menu, choose Project, and select Priority Queue. 3 On the Project/Priority Queue window, double-click the work order or the specific MCN you want to process, or go to the Actions menu . and select Select, or click the Select button The Maint Control Proj/Pri Assignment dialog box appears with blank Project and Priority fields. 4 Enter the Project Code in the Proj Cd field. 5 Enter a supply priority code in the Sup Pri field. 6 Go to the Actions menu and select Save Project Priority or click the Save Project Priority button . This procedure removes the work order from the list and moves it to the Material Update in the Material Subsystem. 7 To assign Project Code and Priority Code to another work order, repeat steps 2 to 6. # To delete a material requisition: 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 On the VED, go to the Online Processing menu and select Project/Priority Queue. 3 On the Project/Priority Queue window, double-click the work order from which the material requisition will be deleted. 4 Click the Delete Required Record button menu and select Delete Required Record. or go to the Actions The Delete Material Required response box appears with three options: Required/Failed/Both. The option is prefilled. This procedure returns the work order to the Active Work Order Query window for processing. 484 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Maint Control Proj/Pri Assignment This dialog box enables you to assign project and priority codes to a work order that requires material requisition to be ordered. It displays the description and other information on the selected work order. The lower window displays the CAGE, Part Number, Quantity, and blank Proj Cd and Sup Pri fields. When you select multiple work orders that require project/priority codes, the scroll page arrows appear with other toolbar buttons to make it easier to assign the codes. For procedures, see Project/Priority Queue (on page 483). CDI/QAR Queue This window enables you to select work orders that are awaiting sign-off, rejectio...
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