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Parts from your aircraft to satisfy a material

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Unformatted text preview: uisition from another activity as dictated by a higher authority, such as the Wing Commander or TYCOM. This extreme procedure occurs when an aircraft discrepancy warrants a cannibalization action to secure a functioning part from an aircraft for installation to another. This ensures that the aircraft with the discrepancy can accomplish its assigned missions. This particular act will require an authorizing document from where the DDSN, WUC/UNS, CAGE/PN #, and the information on the requesting Organizational Unit can be derived. The DDSN should come from the requesting unit to be used by Material Control on its Material Control Register of part(s) in AWP status. This cannibalization is a two-step process. Navigate through the steps by clicking the following buttons: Next to continue, Back to return to the previous window, or Cancel to discontinue the process. Make sure you adhere to the Warnings and Note during the process. 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the aircraft icon that is flagged with Cannibalization icon and select Cannibalization Wiz. 3 On the Cannibalization MCN Selection dialog box, select the specific aircraft marked with the Higher Authority icon, and then click OK. 4 On the Cannibalization Wizard Selection box, click Directed by Higher Authority. 5 Follow the procedures in Step 1 (see "Step 1 - Higher Authority Parts Requested for Cannibalization Action" on page 382) and Step 2 (see "Step 2 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in" on page 381) to continue the cannibalization process. The Building Cannibalization Work Order dialog box appears to create the removed record on the work order. 6 Click OK on the CM WO MCN and JCN Assignments prompts. 7 Respond to the Print prompt accordingly. The work order becomes a part of the aircraft's active work order query. The removed part moves to the OUTBOX selection group in the Inventory Explorer and Group Explorer of the Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem. The part is now ready to be transferred to the requesting organization. Step 1 - Higher Authority Parts Requested for Cannibalization Action This dialog box enables you to enter from the authorizing document information or identification of the authorized higher authority. 1 Enter the authorizing document or identification of the higher authority. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 383 2 Enter the organizational code to which the requested part(s) are being sent. 3 Select the WUC/UNS from the WUC/UNS Selection dialog box cited in the authorizing document. Note: At this point, the system will verify the aircraft structure, searches the WUC/UNS slot for the part number, and displays the serial number. If the serial number is XXX, it has to be verified and the correct serial number entered. Additionally, select the appropriate CAGE/PN combination from the displayed column if other than the default. 4 Verify the CAGE, Part Number, and serial number. If correct, move...
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