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Unformatted text preview: us menu and select Update. 3 Enter the Job Status From and Job Status To codes. 4 Enter the specific BUNO/Serno and Work Center. If left blank, all BUNO/Serno and Work Centers is automatically selected. The Date and Time fields are non-modifiable. 5 Click OK. 6 Click OK again when the Update Complete response box appears. This box shows the number of rows affected by the change and the Active Work Order Query window displays the new job status. 495 CHAPTER 6 Material Control Subsystem In This Chapter Material Control Subsystem Description ...........................495 Material Control Subsystem Description This subsystem enables authorized maintenance personnel to track components on order against an activity's aircraft or other end items. It provides material control processing interface between Optimized NALCOMIS OMA and supply centers (NALCOMIS IMA). How to Access Material Control Subsystem On the NALCOMIS OMA window: Click Material Control . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Material Control. The Material Selection Menu appears. Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - Material Control Subsystem The Material Control Subsystem displays the following toolbar buttons: Toolbar Button/Menu Option Actions>Reject Action Rejects the displayed requirement. Actions>Assign DDSN Assigns a DDSN to the displayed requirement. Actions> Transmit to IMA Transmits the displayed requirement or work order to IMA. New/Clear Clears all fields. 496 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Toolbar Button/Menu Option Action Deletes the displayed requirement or work order. Actions>Delete Adds or retrieves records. Actions>Add/Retrieve Data Displays the next MCN. Next MCN Displays the preceding MCN. Prior MCN Command Buttons - Material Control Subsystem Command Button Action Refresh Refreshes the Material Selection menu. Cancel Discontinues the process and returns to the previous window. Apply Applies updates to the displayed record. OK Applies updates to the displayed record and exits the process. Material Selection Menu The Material Selection Menu displays grouped tasks related to material update, table maintenance, IMA queries, and OMA queries and reports. Some selections will display a count box to indicate the number of requirements awaiting action by appropriate personnel. The system automatically updates the counts from actions on the requirements by personnel. You can also use the Refresh button to manually update the material requirements counts. DDSN Assignment This window enables Material Control personnel to assign a DDSN to a selected work order, and to transmit the requirement to IMA. 1 Open the Material Selection (see "How to Access Material Control Subsystem" on page 495). 2 On the Material Selection Menu, click DDSN Assignment from the Material Update group list and click OK. ! To select a requirement, double-click it or go to the Actions menu and select Select, or click Select. Chapter 6 Material Control Subsystem ! 497 To sel...
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