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Unformatted text preview: end, or cancel task status. Also, when you right-click on the upper portion of the selected entry, a shortcut menu appears with common utilities and selections. For procedures, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). For procedures on the Task Plans tab, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section". 224 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Create Task Plan Step The Create Task Plan Step option on the Inventory Explorer Task Plans tab enables you to create task plan steps for a selected inventory item. The item must have inventory class of aircraft (ACFT) or assembly (ASSY). When you select a specific phase inspection under the Task Plan, the lower area of the dialog box shows the breakdown of the Task Plan called Task Plan Steps. The Task Plan deals with Phase Inspection only; the Task Plan Steps are the different phases that make up the whole Task Plan Definition. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 Select the inventory item in the tree view and click the Task Plans tab. Various common utilities and Task Plan selection buttons become available to enable you to create, modify, and change task plan status. 3 To view completed task plans in history, check the Show Historical Task Plan Steps box at the lower area of the dialog box. 4 Right-click on the selected area of the Task Plan Step and select Create Task Plan Step or click . The Task Plan Creation dialog box appears with the Task Plan defined as Phase Inspection and the Task Plan Step definition as the breakdown of the phase inspection. 5 Select the Task Plan Step (phase) to create and click OK. The new task plan appears in the upper right side of the dialog box with the plan steps, deadline date or usage deadline defaulting to the system date or aircraft airframe hours the inspection will be due. 6 If the Usage Until Deadline is incorrect, click the Task Plan Properties button to enter the corrections. For procedures, see Modify Task Plan Properties (on page 225). Task Plan Creation This dialog box enables you to create task plan steps for a selected inventory item. This box presently reflects the Phase Inspection against the aircraft and referred to as Task Plan Definition. The task plan steps are the different phases from A to D for aircraft assembly code of AHZA. The number of phases varies for the type of assembly code. For procedures, see Create Task Plan Step (on page 224). Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 225 Modify Task Plan Properties The Task Plan Properties option on the Inventory Explorer Tasks tab enables you to view or modify the task plan, specifically the Scheduled Expenditure. The task plan deadline date or usage count is calculated by the system at the initial task plan creation. If the initial deadline date or count is incorrect, you can modify it to conform to your inspection schedule. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see &q...
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