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Requirements awp displays the active work order query

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Unformatted text preview: tive Work Order Query with the list of work orders with AWM requirements. AWP Displays the Active Work Order Query window with the list of work orders with AWP requirements. CDI Displays the active work orders awaiting CDI sign-off. MC Displays the active work orders awaiting Maintenance Control's approval. 4 Click Close to return to the Aircraft VED. 354 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book The ADB option on the Aircraft VED enables you, as maintenance managers as well as pilots-in-command, to review the current status, material condition, configuration, and safety of an aircraft before its acceptance and scheduled flight. The ADB is a tool provided by the Maintenance Subsystem to facilitate that review. The window displays various tabs and sub tabs that specifically reflect the maintenance data performed against the selected aircraft. The default window shows the Acceptance For Flight tab and consists of the A-Sheet sub tab where you can document the aircraft service, inspection, and acceptance of the aircraft. Usage values in the ADB displays 3 digits to the right of the decimal when the usage requires it (3456.917). In some cases where the usage value is only in tenths, the usage displays in either tenths (3456.9) or 3 digits (3456.900). Personnel responsible for maintaining the ADB are assigned specific SMQs and Task Codes. The task code gives each personnel permission to perform a specific task. The following are the task codes associated with the ADB: Personnel Task Code Permission Plane Captain/ Work Center PCSIG Sign-off Plane Captain field. Maintenance Control Officer MNTCNTSO Sign-off Maint Control field. Add/Update A-Sheet. Maintenance Control Manager/Clerks CONADB Add a contingency A-Sheet. Safety Officer/ Designated Personnel SFFLT Sign-off Safety of Flight field. Add/Update A-Sheet. Pilot-in-Command ACFTSO Sign-off Pilot field. CDI/QAR LCARDREF Add or delete local (MRC) cards. Work Center Personnel MNTWRKS O Sign-off work order. The ADB contains the AIA (Aircraft Inspection and Acceptance), which is one of the most critical aspects for releasing an aircraft for flight. It also reflects all open and closed work orders for the last ten subsequent flights, consumption data, near due inspections, and component removals. How to Access the Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the Modex and select ADB. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 355 Automated Aircraft Discrepancy - Tabs For descriptions and procedures for each tab, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Open Work Orders Tab The Open Work Orders tab on the Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book enables you to view or print work orders that are still outstanding against a selected aircraft. The tab appears with the Discrepancy sub tab as the default. The Discrepancy sub tab displays the count of MCNs for each type work order on the lower left area. To...
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