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Right click the specific aircraft choose reports and

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Unformatted text preview: craft VED, right-click the specific aircraft, choose Reports, and select Aircraft Material Status. 3 In the Modex, Work Center, Start Date, End Date, REQNs Status, and Sort Report By boxes, enter the applicable criteria. Double-click on the Start Date box and the calendar appears and allows you to select the Start and End Dates. 4 In the Report To check box, select Screen or Printer, or select both. 5 Click OK to generate the NALCOMIS OMA Aircraft Material Status Report. 6 To save the displayed report to a file, click Save As . 7 If you click Cancel, the system returns to the Aircraft VED. Aircraft Material Status Report This report reflects the status of any material requisitions against all or a specific aircraft. The report may include all or specific work centers. 1 To view pages of the report, click the arrow buttons on top of the display. 2 To generate another Aircraft Material Status Report, click Report Selection and follow the procedures described in Aircraft Material Status. 3 Click Close to return to the Aircraft VED. 398 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA MAINT The MAINT reports are generated only from the Aircraft VED. These reports are derived from work orders (current or historical) and flight documents. These reports reflect specific hours or percentages that a subsystem has been impaired due to discrepancies against the aircraft or other reasons that contribute to the aircraft's non-availability to perform its assigned missions. The MAINT dialog box enables you to generate the following reports for all or specific aircraft. Usage values in the MAINT Reports are calculated based on CNAFINST 4790.2 binning processes using tenths of hours and rounding the display. Report Name MAINT-1 Report Consolidated Performance Metrics Report MAINT-2 Report Aircraft Readiness Degradation and Utilization Summary Report MAINT-3 Report Sub-system Capability Impact Reporting by WUC/UNS Report MAINT-4 Report Detailed Mission and Maintenance Data by Aircraft Serial Number Report MAINT-5 Report Maintenance Man-hours Report MAINT-6 Report Detailed Data Extract Report These reports are assigned for Local Management Use only. These reports are from the Foundation Level server and exclude detachment and inventory corrections data. 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 On the Aircraft VED, right-click the specific aircraft icon, Modex, or BUNO and select MAINT. 3 Select the specific report from the Report Type list. Depending on the report type you select, the system displays to the left side of the box below the ORG field how the report will be generated, either by Assy Cd, Modex, or Serno. The following reports, MAINT-2, MAINT-4, MAINT-5, and MAINT-6 can be generated for all or specific Modex or Serno. 4 Click a specific Serno or Modex to select it. Note: If the MAINT-2 report is selected, transferred aircraft appear in the aircraft list with asterisks (*) beside the MODEX. See MAINT-2 Report (Aircraft Readiness Degradation and...
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