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Unformatted text preview: Delete. c) Click Yes on the Delete Request response box. 3 From the SENT selection group: a) Select the item that you want to delete and click the Delete button or use the right-click feature and select Delete. b) Click Yes on the Delete Request response box. 4 Click No in either selection box to discontinue the delete process. Detachment Processing The Optimized NALCOMIS OMA enables authorized personnel to create a SOD or DOD with a status of Disconnected. A Disconnected Detachment does not have replication capability. Without replication, it requires specific procedures to update the parent organization (home guard) with its transactions or any changes to the aircraft configuration while it is deployed. Disconnected detachment processing is accomplished in the Group Explorer. Each organization can process a detachment. If your organization is capable of sending out a DOD, your organization list will contain all possible detachments with their assigned organization codes that can be deployed. The SOD organization will contain possible organizations that can be used as its detachments. For more information on Detachment Processing, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." 160 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Disconnected Detachment Disconnected detachments operate without replication capability. Special procedures enable the SA or any other authorized personnel to update the parent organization of the transactions and any changes to the aircraft configuration while the detachment is deployed. Any authorized personnel in the parent organization (home guard) and detachment site is required to save aircraft, equipment, and personnel data to a file, save the files to tape, deploy the detachment to its designated remote site, and return the detachment to the home guard. ! Personnel assigned to a detachment will need to login into Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system as if it were their first time logging in, by using their Login ID for both the Name and Password blocks and changing the password when prompted to do so. ! Personnel returning to the parent server or home guard use the same login ID and password before detachment. ! While on detachment, no aircraft or personnel can be added or deleted. However, personnel can be modified as long as the SSN remains the same. The Personnel type cannot be modified. ! While on detachment, the user (the SA in most cases) should set the detachment DDSN range through the Table Maintenance in the Material Control Subsystem. ! Snivels and schedulers do not transfer between the parent organization and detachment servers. ! Only the "A" Sheet and Oil Consumption portions of the ADB will return. ! The ICAO code and Supply Organization on the detachment is updated through the Activity Update window in the Flight Subsystem. ! All work orders on DOD will be closed out and re-initiated awaiting JCN assignment. For more information, see the following topics: ! Procedures for Establishing an Ini...
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