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Shows those personnel waiting to be transferred out

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Unformatted text preview: owing toolbar buttons are only active in the OUTBOX: Inventory Explorer Accesses the inventory item's attributes. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem Transfer History Relocate to Another Group Transfer Items Online Save Items to Files 155 Accesses the transfer history of the inventory item. Moves the inventory item to another group. Moves the selected item to another database that was defined when the item was moved from PRIMARY to OUTBOX. Sends selected items to a disk or tape. Deployment Availability Tab The Deployment Availability tab in the Group Explorer displays the scheduled tasks outstanding against each asset in a group when selected. The scheduled tasks include Task Priority and Status, Deadline Date, Main Usage Until Deadline, Usage Until Deadline, Inventory, and Task Class and Subclass. The purpose of this tab is to highlight upcoming tasks for assets selected for detachment or transfer. When you right-click any item on the tab, a shortcut menu appears with common utilities and functions. These selections are also available as toolbar buttons. For procedures, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). Incoming Inventory Tab This tab appears only in the INBOX group when an inventory is transferred to your organization by normal transfer or by the disconnected detachment process. It enables you to move the inventory to the PRIMARY group to complete the inventory's transition to your organization. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Click the Incoming Inventory tab from the INBOX group. 3 Drag and drop (on page 21) the inventory item(s) to the PRIMARY. Inventory item(s) are now part of the disconnected detachment and are now ready for processing. Incoming Personnel Tab This tab appears in the INBOX selection group. It enables you to view personnel sent by the parent unit (home guard) and move them to the PRIMARY to augment your disconnected detachment's personnel. It also displays personnel transferring into your activity from another site. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Click the Inventory Personnel tab from the INBOX selection group. 3 Drag and drop (on page 21) personnel to the PRIMARY. 156 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Offloaded Items Tab This tab appears in the OUTBOX selection group and displays the item's organization and destination data, as well as the medium used to transfer it. You can select to view all items (aircraft, equipment, component, or personnel) that are being transferred out of your organization in a file. Items transferred to another site directly through two-phase commit do not appear on this tab (click Yes to the local environment question in the WAN Explorer). This file is used as a backup area to restart a transfer process in case the transfer fails for any reason. The following buttons are displayed: Send items to tape Send it...
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