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OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: u to view or print the current data regarding the device's manufacture, install, and expiration dates. This tab can only be accessed through the Inventory Explorer and the Logset Explorer. Each device has its own logset, and Explosive is one of the tabs that reflect the device's most current information. For utilities and functions available on this tab, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 On the Inventory Explorer, scroll down to the Explosive Devices and expand the selected device. 3 Right-click the specific device and select Logset Explorer. 4 Click the Explosive tab. The tab displays pertinent information on the device's description and relative dates. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 239 Flight Summary The Flight Summary tab on the Logset Explorer displays monthly compilations of significant flight operational data throughout the service life of an aircraft. Several sub tabs are displayed at the lower area of the Flight Summary tab. Although usage values in the Configuration Management Subsystem displays up to 3 digits to the right of the decimal, the usage values in the Flight Summary tab continues to display aircraft flight hours in tenths. It enables you to create, update, or delete the service period for a selected aircraft serial number. This particular event occurs when a naval aviation depot (NADEP) or a commercial rework facility has completed a standard depot level maintenance (SDLM) on the selected aircraft. The period number and accumulated operational service months (OSM) remain constant until the aircraft undergoes another SDLM process. The XRAY report reflects this data as required by the report. For other utilities and functions available on the Flight Summary tab and related sub tabs, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). 1 Open the Logset Explorer (see "How to Access the Logset Explorer" on page 231). 2 Right-click the aircraft MODEX in the tree view and select Logset Explorer. 3 On the Logset Explorer, click the Flight Summary tab. Sub tabs appear at the lower window with the Hours sub tab as the default. The Hours sub tab displays the Monthly Flight Hours for the selected aircraft. 4 To view other flight information on the selected aircraft, click the sub tabs (Landings, CATS/ARREST/HOISTS. XRAY Status, and Service Period). The Service Period sub tab enables you to create, view, update, or delete service periods for a specific aircraft. Flight Summary - Tab Description The Flight Summary tab displays the following sub tabs: Hours Displays the aircraft's monthly flight hours, total in period, and total in life. Landings Displays the monthly landing counts in different landing categories. CATS/Arrest/ Hoists Displays the monthly and cumulative totals of all catapult shots, arrested landings, and hoists. XRAY Status Displays the c...
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