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Tasktask plan relocate to mass job status update

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Unformatted text preview: , task/task plan, relocate to and create, authorized, and delete auto logset. Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 45 Users SMQ Assignments Typical Responsibilities Logset Clerk LR, INV Item transfer, assembly manager, all logset requirements, and aircraft accounting. Maintenance Control AZ AZMNT Mass job status update; initiate, update, complete, and approve work orders; access required material; assign JCNs; initiate inspections; and delete work requests. Maintenance Officer MNTSO Aircraft safety of flight, ADB, and overall maintenance effort. Maintenance/Mater ial Control Officer MMCO Assists Maintenance Officer in all areas relative to aircraft maintenance and material requirements. Maintenance/ Production Managers MPC, ADHOC, MAINT, ADB, INV Update aircraft status; initiate contingency, duplicate, fix phase, cannibalization, inspections and component removals; access ABD mass job status changes flight history update, access assembly manager; approve and delete work orders; run Ad Hoc, change SCIR status & assign project priority codes; table maintenance. Operation Clerks OPS, FLDEL, SCHED, SUBSG, EVCNX, EXTFL, SHPFT, SSNEX Flight crew approval and history; flight document add, update, approval, and delete, flight query; reports and scheduler; flight leg modification, cancellation of outdated flight events, extract flight data for FIST/SHARP activities, and update of aircrew historical data. Operations Officer OPSIG Approval of flight document flight schedules. Phase Coordinator MAINT, ADHOC, MNCDI, MNQAR, INV Access to "E" & "G" record; QAR in process; CDI signoff; failed/index material, cannibalization; initiate fix phase & contingency work order; initiate, update, complete, and print work orders, required material, workers hours, supply requisitions, Ad Hoc, generate CM and maintenance reports; update inventory property update, and assign JCNs. 46 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Users SMQ Assignments Typical Responsibilities Pilot In-Command CREW, ACSO, CMDSO Flight crew history; pilot debrief/ download; flight document add/update; flight queries & reports; and mission commander signoff. QAR MNQAR, MAINT, ADHOC Access "E" and "G" records; QAR in-process; CDI/QAR signoff; failed/index material; cannibalization; initiate fix phase and contingency work orders; initiate, update, complete, and print work orders, required material, worker hours, supply requisitions, and Ad Hoc. Safety Officer SFTSO Signing of the Notes/signature for the scheduler and ADB. Scheduling Officer SUBSG Submit a flight scheduler. System Administrator DBADM, SMQ, WAN, WANRL, FLTPR Flight history; DDSN project/priority; inspection near due; Org code switch; task/user security; system tables; user management, remote login; WAN Explorer. Work Center Supervisor MAINT, ADHOC, MNCDI, MNQAR, INV CDI/Supervisor signature; access "E" and "G" records, failed/index material, cannibali...
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