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The group explorer see how to access the group

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Unformatted text preview: stating that the system is calling the NT Backup and that you will receive messages when done. 4 Click OK. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 183 # To send items by e-mail from a workstation without replication capability: 1 Select Send Items To E-mail. 2 Click OK on the Save to Media box stating that all files are ready for E-mail. 3 Open your E-mail system (Microsoft Outlook). 4 Click New on the toolbar and attach the NALCOMIS files. To do this: a) Click Insert and select Network Neighborhood. b) Select the database server where the e-mail files have been generated. c) Double-click the folder: AME>Omasrv>Data>Transfer>Tapebackup. d) Select all files (.Zip file, dbid.file, and the detachment.log) from the Tapebackup directory. e) Click Insert. 5 Click Send to send the E-mail to the designated server (address). # To process when e-mail is received at the new site (server): 1 Go to the server. 2 Click AME>Omasrv>Data>Transfer>Tapebackup and post attached files. 3 Right-click on the Contents of the "Tapebackup" directory and select Paste. 4 Load e-mail to the designated server; see Load Procedures to DMS (on page 168). 5 You can now access the inventory item at the designated workstation; see Onload Procedures Detachment or Squadron (Home Guard) Workstation (see "Load Procedures - Detachment or Squadron (Home guard) Workstation" on page 173). 6 Click OK as Messenger Service prompt box appears. 7 Verify that the Offloaded Items tab, Media column displays YES. 8 Load tape or e-mail on to the server; see Load Procedures to DMS (on page 168). 184 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Online The Transfer Items Online option on the Inventory and Personnel tabs of the OUTBOX selection group enables you to transfer an inventory item (aircraft, equipment, component, and personnel) directly to the site listed in your local environment. Sites that are not a part of the local environment will rely on the download to media process where the assets can be sent to a remote site via tape, CD, or e-mail. Transfers from an OMA site to an IMA activity is considered a direct transfer. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Click the OUTBOX selection group and view the Inventory tab that displays the inventory items with each transfer site, date and time of relocation to the OUTBOX, and its transfer status of Await. 3 Right-click the inventory item or personnel and select Transfer Items Online, or select the item on the tab and click the Send Selected Items button . Note: If the receiving site is not compatible (at release 825.03.04.10 without patch 2 installed), an error message appears indicating that the automatic transfer of the asset cannot occur until the selected site has been upgraded. Contact SPAWARSYSCEN for assistance. 4 Click OK on the Item Transfer box to transfer the selecte...
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