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The inbox selection group as the default and the

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Unformatted text preview: eployment Availability tab respectively. 3 Select the appropriate tab (Inventory or Personnel) and right-click the applicable item. Choose the applicable option from the shortcut menu. 186 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Note: When you select aircraft or equipment, it is recommended that you should select Run Transfer Report first to view the Item Transfer Report – Outstanding dialog box that contains all documents that require completion before the transfer process begins. If there are no outstanding documents, go to step 4. The components and personnel may not require completion of reports prior to the transfer process. 4 Right-click the selected item and select Relocate to Another Group. 5 From the Select Group dialog box, select OUTBOX and click OK, or simply drag the selected item(s) to the OUTBOX. For more information, see Relocate to Another Group (see "Relocate Aircraft or Component" on page 204). 6 The Transfer To dialog box appears. Select the site name where you to transfer the inventory item to and click OK. For more information, see Transfer To (on page 180). 7 The Org Assignment dialog box appears. Select the Organization Code and name of the location where you want to transfer the inventory item to and click OK. 8 Respond to the Transfer prompt box asking you to give up ownership of the item being transferred. Click Yes to continue or No to discontinue the process. The inventory item disappears from the listing and moves to the OUTBOX selection group when you select Yes from the Transfer prompt box. 9 Click the OUTBOX selection group. It displays the status ("Await") of the inventory item that you want to transfer. Note: Once the item is in the OUTBOX, it is placed in an "Await" status. Right-click the selected item(s) and you can hold the Control key to select multiple items and a menu appears. If you select Transfer Items Online, the highlighted items are transferred directly to the designated site, either by the two-phase commit utilized when the receiving activity is designated as part of your local environment or through the transit server. If you select Save Items to Files, the items are saved to a flat file in preparation for transfer to another medium. 10 Right-click the selected inventory item(s) that you want to transfer and choose Save Items to Files. 11 Click OK on the Store to Disk prompt. 12 Select any applicable report to view or print when the Det Processing/ Item Transfer Reports dialog box appears or select Cancel. 13 Click OK when the Messenger Service prompts stating that the transfer has started and changes the selected item(s) transfer status to "Ready". If the Transfer monitor is installed on your workstation, bring it up to observe the transfer process. For more information, see Item Transfer Monitor (on page 189). Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 187 14 Click OK when the Messenger Service prompt reappears stating that the transfer is...
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